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Friday, May 18, 2012

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting Any Workout Plan

So you've made a decision to get into working out and change your health. Whether you are overweight or want to add muscle, you need to get started. But you have looked online at a lot of websites offering training plans and fat burning strategies and all you are left with are alot more questions. You will discover products that show you how to eat correctly and programs that tell you the perfect workout and that every person gets great results.

But how do you know if it is right for you?

This post will help you get on the correct path to choosing a workout plan that suits your needs and goals. By asking yourself these questions you will be able to begin on a plan that can not only get you in the shape you desire but also keep you on that path for a long time. With these action steps you will find exercising fitting into your life rather than trying to make it fit in and never giving it a chance. So what can it take to find the appropriate workout plan?

1) WHO are you?

Determing the best workout plan depends on figuring out who you are. Are you an athlete with previous fitness experience? Are you an outdoor type that likes hiking and climbing? Are you a stay home mom that only lifts her kids as exercise? Start with learning who you are and what you care to do. Make a list of no less than 5 activities that you may see yourself doing to get your heart rate up. Playing basketball or soccer make the perfect fitness activity and you get your cardio going. I for instance am a basketball player and can play all day and never get sick of it. Other people I realize remain in shape by running 5 miles or marathons, something that I really struggle in doing. That might be a strategy that starts and ends really fast if I were to apply it. So whether it be hiking, walking, shopping, basketball or any other sport use that as a way to get in shape fast.

2) What exactly is your BODY TYPE?

Asking yourself what body shape you are might help in assessing whatever you can and can't do while working out and getting healthy. Some people don't examine their body type and think if they do a workout unexpectedly it's gonna change the way they appear significantly. At times you may make that change, but overall we're who we are and fundamentally need to comprehend that and be happy with what we look like to achieve any significant goals. I will tell you the number of people I've seen make significant changes and then get really obsessed about losing a few more pounds in a specific area that is extremely difficult for them. To know yourself is the best workout strategy I know. You can be discouraged because of it or embrace it and be able to work with it.

3) What TIME do you have?

I can't tell you the total number of people plan to a workout plan and never see it to the end because doing so doesn't fit into their schedule. Well that is a two-way street. You must make time to workout for sure but you also have to make certain it works with what you do as a living. If you need to eat 5 meals a day and workout 5 days weekly, you have to make sure that you have that type of schedule and freedom. If you decide to work 12 hour days 6 days a week that might be hard for you. So ensuring the workout plan you choose can work with your life is huge. If you find the right plan then you will have success but if you choose one which has you losing a constant battle right away, you'll probably fail.

4) Will you be ACCOUNTABLE?

You have to know if you're able to make yourself workout when required or must you have someone tell you what to do. Hopefully you are a self-starter so you can get motivated and reach your goals yourself without assistance. But if you need to be motivated or need a person to tell you how to proceed, you are going to need to find that. What options have you got? You can have your best friend help you stay inline. But if that could cause an end to your friendship then you certainly might choose to find an alternative. Hiring the right trainer is an additional way. Also locating a forum or someone online that will help you reach your goal can be beneficial. By establishing a workout that a partner can do with you is an alternative option. Whatever it is, make sure you know what you need to be successful.

5) What is your MOTIVATION?

To complete any goal you set out in life you need motivation. Most often in terms of weight we have some ideal look that individuals want and we want to get there. Most of the time that isn't enough. We tire of that goal because it becomes unachievable. You must make sure that whatever your motivation is that you can keep a love for it up until you reach your ultimate result. There are peaks and valleys and frustrations with any forms of accomplishment. Will your motivation help keep you going through all that and more? I can't tell you how frequently when I was young, I thought I was going to gain weight and become a bigger stronger athlete, only to end up quitting before I succeeded. So find something that will burn for you a long time. Only then are you gonna be able to reach your ultimate weight goals. These five questions should be the first things you determine to be successful in any workout you select. There are so many different ways to accomplish weight goals available, but choosing the right one for you is the best approach to actually make it materialize.

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