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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7 Tips to Beat the Bloat

Bumpy noses can be turned straight. Small breasts can be turned full. Tummies can be tightened and thunder thighs can be fixed with liposuction. Cosmetic surgery can fix about any troublesome body part or so it seems. However, resorting to invasive cosmetic treatments can do more harm than good to you. Liposuction is a case in point. Bruising, swelling, scarring and fluid imbalance are some of the side effects associated with the surgical procedure. Why expose yourself to these risks when you can lose weight naturally? Achieve optimal weight loss by adopting a healthy lifestyle and setting realistic goals.

The advertising industry perpetuates stereotypes when it comes to losing weight. You need not starve yourself to achieve that hour glass figure. Working out like a maniac is not the right way to shed those extra pounds. Unrealistic weight loss solutions are best avoided. Fad diets and drastic dieting are best ignored. There is no magic pill or diet that can transform you overnight. The idea is to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle and adopt a positive mental attitude. Do not berate yourself for not being able to reach your fitness goals. Give yourself time; be patient with yourself. Take little yet consistent steps to meet your fitness goals.

Your physical exterior affects your mental interior. People do evaluate you on the basis of your appearance. What's more, being overweight puts you at a risk of a host of ailments. Also, it seems that success tastes sweeter for people who are thin. Don't drown in self-pity and self-loathing - follow these tips to knock off those pounds and enhance your looks and confidence:

1) Include more fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. This does not mean that you cannot treat yourself to sweets and junk foods. The idea is to limit your intake of calorie-laden foods and not deprive yourself completely.

2) Control your calorie intake by eating slowly and chewing as much as you can. Take small servings and savor every bite.

3) 'Comfort eating' can spell doom on your weight. Resist the temptation to eat when you are bored or depressed. Indulge in your favourite hobby to divert your mind.

4) Turn off the TV while eating dinner. Avoid texting or playing video games during meals. The idea is to replace binge eating with mindful eating.

5) Limit your intake of salt, sugar and carbs. Drink plenty of water on a daily basis.

6) Cultivate the habit of exercising regularly. Exercising does not mean rigorously sweating it out at the gym. Any physical activity like walking, cycling, swimming and even playing sports can help you lose weight.

7) Slimming capsules like Alli can also promote weight loss by decreasing fat absorption.

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