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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

7 Treatments Overeaters Use To Stay True To Their Diet

Whether you've been dieting for two months or two years, you still deserve the chance to keep that weight loss going. Time and time again someone will say: "I fell off my diet over the weekend" or "I had a set back last night" and those words will repeat themselves over and over for overeaters.

In this article I will uncover how my clients stay in control of their diets and how you can stop overeating today!

7 Surefire Treatments For Over Eaters:

Get A Journal:

Two thirds of over eaters eat because of some emotional instability. Which is why I recommend journals for these people. These people are to write about their feelings before and after each binge. The record of each binge will reveal similar behaviors that will make you more aware, which will help you the next time your faced with these emotions and eating decisions.

Create A List Of Alternatives:

Our body has created a habit of using food to suppress emotions and pass time, yet what if you could create a new habit? Create a list of things to do versus eating the next time you feel the urge to over eat. (Example- listen to music, take a hot bathe, etc...)

Eliminate Dieting:

Diets don't work! Most diets have to high of a calorie restriction, which will cause your body to produce cortisol. (The hormone for fat storage) Also dieting takes away from living. (Overall wellness come when your just free to eat,love, and live whenever)

Practice Stress Relief:

Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation are all stress managers that can keep you very slim and far away from over eating. (Most over eaters binge due to emotional instability)

Eat Breakfast:

There is no debate! People who eat breakfast eat smaller portions and are less likely to over eat. (So enjoy every morning with a decent size breakfast) Try to place most of your carbs in this meal along with some healthy fats and proteins.

Fiber and Protein are important:

Fiber and protein keep you fuller longer and faster. Look for ways to get more of it in your diet! Also protein will help you shed fat and not muscle as you lose weight.

Discipline Is Still Key:

When it's all said and done discipline still is KING! (Some times you just have to dig deep and say no) Create a plan and goals because your more likely to follow it when it's written down and in front of you.

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