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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are You Going Against Your Body Type?

A lot of people diet and have success, yet the problem is when they hit the wall or their body stops releasing fat. We become frustrated, and that's when things go down hill... (We binge eat, try out yo-yo diets, and start to feel grief)

In this article I am going to reveal that it may not be your effort, yet it could be just who you are that's holding you back (we each are unique and have different body types).

Their are 3 types of body types:

* Mesomorph
* Endomorph
* Ectomorph

Mesomorphs are the people love to hate, because they have lean mass, lose fat easily, and most of all lose weight easily. These people can eat the high carb meals anytime of the day because they just won't get FAT! Yet, it is known that these people don't have it all after all.... Mesomorphs suffer from heart disease more and lack flexibility. Mesomorphs can afford to eat a lot of carbs, yet that's one of the reasons more of them are at risk of heart disease. They should look to consume more whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Their lack of flexibility increases their chances of injury and puts more stress on the body, which means more cortisol is produced in them which is why mesomorphs are known to gain weight because of overtraining and living stressful lifestyles. (They should train less because they can and practice stress management)

Endomorphs use to be known as the "introverts of the world", because they lack energy and felt sluggish and grumpy all the time. These people put on fat a lot faster, primarily around the waste and are pretty sensitive to carbs.

If your an Endomorph you'll probably benefit from diets like The Zone Or Weight Watchers, that are low carb and preach balanced eating. These people should eat frequently and are less likely to over-train. (In fact their weight loss is almost dependent on a successful weight training and diet program)

Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism and naturally skinny.

They have problems putting on muscle. Women have problems with bone mass and can suffer from bone related diseases. Ectomorphs are what I call "skinny-fat" because of their soft, yet skinny frame. (They want muscle yet have some fat to lose because of that lack of muscle tone) Which is why they need to watch their diet the most, because to many carbs can put some more fat on those bones, yet to little will have you burning muscle. The "Paleo" diet has worked extremely well for Ectomorphs because of the increase in Fats, which means more "free testosterone".

**You can't change your body type (you cant change genetics), yet you can adjust your lifestyle to give you the best chance for success!

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