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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Best Diet Plan Is All About Healthy Choices

Atkins, South Beach, Zone-when it comes to diets, there are countless options out there for you to try. The problem is, however, most of these diets, including the three popular ones mentioned just now, simply don't work. Why? Because these diets are far too extreme. They're way too restrictive, keeping you from having any carbs, fatty meats, or anything remotely tasty, for that matter! Because of this, no reasonable person would dare to stick to such diets for the long haul. Life is too short, and these diets are far too unsustainable for anyone's good.

So what is the true secret for those who long to shed unwanted pounds? It's about making the right choices without being unhealthy. The best diet plan does not restrict anything, but it does encourage you to be more conscientious of what you put in your mouth.

Here are some tips to steer you in the right direction:

1. The best diet plan incorporates all kinds of food.

You read that right-if you want to shed unwanted pounds, you shouldn't be keeping yourself from eating certain kinds of food. Carbohydrates are not the enemy. Neither is fat, nor certain kinds of meat, nor particular variants of fruit, nor whatever else it is that these other fad diets claim are harmful. It is certainly not healthy to deny yourself anything, and it might actually encourage you to binge on those outlawed foods all the more. Deprivation is the real enemy here!

2. The best diet plan focuses on home-cooked food.

Nobody is able to shed unwanted pounds by constantly eating out-that's for sure. Opting to have majority of your meals at home instead of in fast food joints and restaurants is definitely the healthier option. Fast food is unhealthy, period. As for restaurant fare, most standard servings these days can feed an entire army! The more you eat at home, focusing on sating your hunger with delicious meals rather than gorging on something huge or fattening, is definitely the way to go.

3. The best diet plan includes dessert!

No, that wasn't a typo! It's true that if you want to shed unwanted pounds, you actually HAVE to eat dessert! By doing so, you get to prevent yourself from craving sweets far too much, and toeing the line between being a good dieter and being an all-out binge monster. That isn't to say, of course, that you should stuff yourself with cake after every meal. Just end the day with a few squares of chocolate or a slice of apple pie. Nothing too paltry, but nothing too extreme, either. Just eat enough dessert to be sure that you're not putting yourself in utter misery.

4. The best diet plan requires a minimum of three meals a day.

Skipping either breakfast, lunch, or dinner should be sacrilege to you. By postponing your meals or doing away with them altogether, you won't be able to shed unwanted pounds successfully, because delaying feeding yourself will most definitely lead to overeating later on. Can you imagine not eating breakfast and then only eating a small meal for lunch? Didn't think so! Just eat when you're hungry-which will most likely be during those three points in the day-and stay fit and healthy!

5. The best diet plan should coincide with a simple exercise routine.

No amount of dieting can help you to shed unwanted pounds if it isn't coupled with a decent exercise routine. Sure, you may be eating healthy, but if you still stick to a sedentary lifestyle, then what good will all that healthy eating do? You need to move around and burn those excess calories if you want to see actual results! Taking an hour-long walk around the neighborhood, or doing 15 minutes on a jump rope will work wonders already.

If there's one word that can sum up what the best diet plan tells you to do, it's this: RELAX. Don't be so uptight or exacting when it comes to your diet. To be a healthy eater means to be a natural, stress-free eater-someone who only eats when their hungry and who doesn't deprive themselves of anything. The more easygoing your relationship with food is, the better.

Don't fall for fad diets and unhealthy weight loss supplements. The best diet plan offers sensible suggestions and easy to follow tips without resorting to drastic measures.

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