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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Blood Sugar Solution: Can It Really Help You Lose Weight?

The Blood Sugar Solution is a program developed by Dr. Mark Hyman to help people with weight loss and also prevent diabesity (a term used combining diabetes and obesity). According to Dr. Mark Hyman, diabesity is one of the leading causes for such chronic diseases as stroke, dementia, cancer, and heart disease, in America. Because more children are also being diagnosed with diabetes, many of them will live unhealthier lives and die younger, even before their parents.

What Does The Blood Sugar Solution Program Include?

Dr. Hyman emphasizes that insulin resistance is the main biological cause of the obesity and diabetes epidemic. He also points out that many doctors are not trained to detect diabesity and that is goes undiagnosed.

With this program, Dr. Hyman provides a healthy-living program to help people live healthier by having their bodies perform at maximum efficiency, even if they are not diabetic or obese. The program offers helpful advice on green living, medications and supplements, diet, exercise, digestion, and forming personalized plans. The advice is meant to further help readers remain healthy over the course of their lifetime by losing weight and preventing disease.

In this book, Dr. Hyman also debunks common misconceptions about diabetes and obesity. With diabetes, he states that it can be prevented, despite what the widespread belief may be (mainly spread by medical companies). He further claims that diabetes can actually be reversed, and that his plan will help diabetics achieve this.

The Seven Keys

Within The Blood Sugar Solution program, Dr. Hyman talks about his seven keys for achieving optimal wellness and treating diabesity:

Boost Nutrition
Regulate Hormones
Reduce Inflammation
Optimize Digestion
Enhance Detoxification
Maximize Energy Metabolism
Soothe Your Mind

What Readers Have to Say About The Blood Sugar Solution

This product has received many raving reviews from various people. Many people have commented on how practical and encouraging the program is for helping finding healthier ways to live overall. They especially like the recipes or focus on different skills.

While The Blood Sugar Solution provides plenty of useful information for losing weight and remaining healthy overall, some readers found it easy to read and understand while others thought it to be too difficult and complex. Some also felt that the program basically contained the same information from other books produced by Dr. Hyman previously, but just packaged differently. A number of readers were additionally discouraged by the lengthy introduction and assessment. However, after that point, there are reports that the sections became more encouraging.

However, with plenty of useful information regarding how people can live better and lose weight, purchasing this book is a consideration worth making, and especially with its low and reasonable pricing. Along with its many other benefits, it can help you shed unwanted fat as long as you commit to the diet plan basics and take the appropriate action.

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