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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Common Mistakes That People Commit After Overindulging During the Holidays

A lot of people tend to overindulge themselves with unhealthy foods and alcoholic beverages during the Holidays. Although it is true that controlling what you eat during this season is difficult, you should always be aware that your health should stay on top of priorities. Your diet may already be ruined but it doesn't mean that you cannot go back in shape. Sad to say, January has officially become the month of excessive fitness training and crash dieting. Making up for overindulging yourself should never involve these two things because it is harmful to your health more than anything.

Crash dieting and excessive fitness training is not the right way to lose your holiday pounds. In fact, experts recommend that you gradually lose these unwanted flab using regular workout and proper eating techniques. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people commit to lose weight after the Holiday season:

Skipping Breakfast

One of the most common mistakes that dieters commit is skipping breakfast. Skipping your breakfast will not burn fat nor will help prevent weight gain. In fact, if you starve your body in the morning, you will likely experience weakness, nausea, trembling and other more symptoms that may affect your mobility throughout the day. Now, if you are hungry all through morning, your body will force to eat more than necessary for lunch. And we all know how a one large meal adds more unwanted pounds than eating small divided meals.

Aside from that you should know that your body needs food in order to function normally. Now, if you skip meals, whether your breakfast, lunch or dinner, your body will soon realize that it is not getting what it needs. And once your body established this fact, it will absorb and store more fat than necessary from the food that you eat. Now, the places where your body stores them? Well, most of the times they are stored in your thighs, your stomach, your butt and your arms. So rule number one, never skip a meal.

Over Exercising

Another common mistake that people tend to commit after the holiday season is over exercising. We all know that exercising is good for the health. It strengthens you muscles and body's overall immunity against common diseases. But if you overdo it, it may lead to bone fractures, ripped out muscle tissues, over fatigue and a whole lot more. Over exhaustion is not good for the body. In fact, if your body is always over exhausted it will not just stop burning fats, but it will store more of them because it needs fat in order to heal.

What you can do instead is to start with a mild cardio workout, only to introduce it to your body. Once your body has adapted to this routine, you can move up for a more intense training. You might want to consider muscle build up exercise on the latter part of your training to tone your muscle. But to burn fat, cardio exercise is very important.

The trick to lose your holiday pounds fast is to do everything right and in moderation. You need to understand how the human body works in order to lose all that flab faster and permanently. Your body is adaptable to changes but it reacts negatively against all types of excessiveness, including over dieting and over exercising.

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