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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Diet Vs Just Living A Healthier Lifestyle - Which Is Better To Do And Produces Amazing Results?

Have you been trying to lose weight, and then found yourself asking the question: What's the point of going on a diet when I could just start eating right and exercising (better known as living a healthier lifestyle)? If so, then that's what I wanted to talk to you about today. What is better do? Is it better to go on a diet or just start living healthier? Am I being facetious? Or do I have an agenda and I want you to buy something?! Well, I guess you'll never know unless you read the whole article! I'M KIDDING! Seriously though, let's take a look into both dieting and living healthier and see which is better...

Dieting -

First off, the only type of dieting I'm ever going to recommend is NATURAL dieting. This means eating all types of nutrients (without depriving yourself), eating the right amount of calories your body needs (without starving yourself), and eating to boost your metabolism (and not slow it down).

Now, a diet is essentially a motivating program designed to make it easier for you to break you out of your comfort zone with eating poorly. It is designed to get you down to your ideal weight and body fat percentage. The best programs are all about making eating healthier not just extremely powerful (such as eating in a way to boost your metabolism), but also VERY easy to do. This is because most people have such a difficult time giving up those bad food choices.

Living a healthier lifestyle -

Living a healthier lifestyle is pretty much self-explanatory. You simply say to yourself one day "enough is enough... I'm going to start eating and living healthier". You clear out bad food choices and ensure that you are eating healthier, drinking healthier, sleeping more, and keeping yourself active (with of course exercise, and also daily activities).

So, Which Is Better To Do And Brings Awesome Results?

This may come as a shock to you, or it may not even surprise you if you read every word above carefully, but in actuality, it's best to do both! That's right, to ensure you get IN the best shape of your life, it's ideal to start off with a diet, and to STAY in the best shape of your life, it's best to live a healthier lifestyle.

PROPER and natural dieting is ideal because it is a motivating and easier way to get you to your goals as quickly as possible. And living a healthier lifestyle AFTER you are done the diet and DURING the diet is of course absolutely necessary in order to KEEP the results you have busted your butt to gain!

Bottom line, I strongly recommend you avoid those people out there screaming at you that "you don't need a diet, you just need to start living healthy". This is because of everything I mentioned above. There is nothing wrong with dieting, it's just that you MUST avoid "fad dieting" (such as low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, etc.) types of programs and stay 100% natural. If you do this, I guarantee you'll reach whatever goals you have faster than you ever thought possible! Trust me, it worked for me... and I used to struggle... A LOT!

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