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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diets - How Do You Choose 'Em And Use 'Em?

There may be thousands of commercial diet plans to choose from.

Certainly many hundreds at a minimum.

The $61 BILLION per year diet industry is robust.

So if you're looking to lose some weight in the hope of helping you get that job you want or that date you're after, regain your self esteem, be the envy of your former rivals at your high school reunion, look better, feel better, or be more healthy, how in the world do you choose the diet that's going to work best for you?

The Normal Ways

What you like.

"Well," you say to yourself, "I like meat. So I think I'll start the Atkins Diet™. Lots of meat there."

Who you like.

"I've always liked Valerie Bertinelli (or Mariah Carey or whoever it is this month)," you're thinking. "So I'm going to give Jenny Craig® a try."

"Marie Osmond (or Janet Jackson or whoever it is this month) is one of my favorites, so I'm going on the NutriSystem® plan. If it's good enough for Marie/Janet, it's good enough for me."

Who you know.

"Hey, Mary," you say to your neighbor. "I can see you've lost some weight. You look great. What diet are you on? The Mediterranean Diet? You like it? OK, thanks. I'm going to do that one, too."

These are the normal ways we select our diets.

And, if you stop a second and are completely honest with yourself, you'll have to admit they don't make any sense at all.


Simply because you like meat doesn't mean the Atkins Diet™ is any good or that it will suit your innate nature or natural behavioral preferences. Those are what will influence the best ways for you to diet.

The fact that Valerie Bertinelli/Mariah Carey got a gigs with Jenny Craig® and Marie Osmond/Janet Jackson scored with NutriSystem® really shouldn't influence you one bit. They're them and getting paid millions. You're you and have to live with your choice daily...without the fame, publicity, or millions.

And your neighbor? Come on. Be serious.

According to Dr. Judith C. Rodriguez, Author of "The Diet Selector," there are five criteria that you should consider in selecting a diet plan:
Degree of difficulty (easy to punishing)Cost (inexpensive, medium, expensive)How easily you can incorporate the diet into your family lifeTime involved (Is this a short-term or long-term diet, a quick fix, or a lifestyle overhaul?)The level of scientific support for the diet's effectiveness

Good advice. Way better than your food preferences (the same ones that got you overweight in the first place), celebrity endorsements (remember those folks are getting paid handsomely for convincing you the diet they're endorsing is a good one), or you family, friends, and neighbors.

The Missing Link

But there's also a missing link you've probably never considered before.

Before you even start thinking about a new diet or considering the hundreds of alternatives, you'd be well advised to consider your natural strengths and weaknesses and your natural behavior style.

For example, do are you impatient and like to move through life fast?

Or are more patient and prefer a more relaxed and controlled pace?

Are you people oriented, or more task oriented?

Are your adventurous and love change and excitement or more cautious and perfectly happy with your normal routines?

Do you act and react more based on emotions and emotional influences or more on facts, reason, and logic?

We each have a unique, inborn, unchangeable ways that work best for us. When you put all of your individual strengths, traits, and characteristics together, they're sort of like your hard wired operating system. It's really your nature - your innate, inborn, unchangeable nature.

It controls, influences, impacts, dominates, or determines how you act, react, and interact in all areas of your life and in all circumstances. That includes how you should diet.

Old, Proven Science

Hippocrates uncovered the science of what he called temperaments 3,000 years ago.

Over the millennia since, the basics are used successfully in being able to predict behaviors in various situations...including the best ways to diet. There are essential 4 primary dieting preferences:
Slow & EasyFun & FlexibleDisciplined & PatientFast & Furious

As you can tell by these brief descriptions, they are radically different. And if the Fast & Furious Type tried to diet in a Fun & Flexible way, she'd be dooming herself to failure before she even got started...regardless of the diet.

Once you recognize and accept there are certain ways that you prefer to doing things and when you do them that way they are easier for you and you're generally more successful at them, then you can simply apply those preferences to the way you approach and follow your diet.

Doing so give you the personal power to make any legitimate diet plan work for you.

And, more importantly, when choosing your next diet, don't just consider Dr. Rodriguez' five criteria.

Evaluate those criteria in relationship to your behavioral style and natural strengths, traits, and characteristics.

Doing so is the missing links to easy and successful weight loss.

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