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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Financial Benefits of Weight Loss

Losing weight has numerous benefits, among them several financial ones that I shall exploit in this article. Of course who wouldn't want to look and feel better in the process as well. However, most people seemed concerned with financial matters these days and so I want to point out the many ways weight loss can contribute to increased income through money saved due to being fit and healthy.

First, and I speak from personal experience as an obese person, many are the diseases and ailments to which obesity and overweight conditions cause or contribute. Among the most common are Diabetes Type II, Hypertension, increased triglycerides (fatty acids), Osteoarthritis (made worse by increased weight), increase in bad cholesterol, and all of these in combination add to an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetic neuropathy, possible extremity amputations, etc. This alone should be enough motivation to cause one to lose weight, not counting the financial benefits.

Since this article places emphasis on the financial aspects of weight loss, I shall now concentrate the rest of this article on them. Not necessarily in any particular order, here they are:

1. Savings on health care costs:
a. Reduced amounts of medications will be needed saving on prescription costs.
b. Reduced frequency of regular doctor and/or emergency room visits.
c. When in better health, health care insurance is more affordable and easier to obtain.

2. Savings on clothes
a. Clothes sold in "big people" sizes are usually higher priced than ones sold in regular sizes.
b. Clothes in smaller sizes are also much easier to find when shopping than are clothes in bigger sizes.
c. There is less wear and tear on clothes when you are smaller. For example, less buttons popping off, etc.

3. Savings on food
a. When you are smaller, your body requires less food and you don't eat as much as when you are severely obese. Therefore your food goes farther saving you on your grocery bill.
b. Foods that are healthier for you to eat are, in general, cheaper than the junk foods that tend to make you fat.

4. Easier to obtain a better job
a. When you go to look for work, who will an employer give the most consideration to; the one who is severely obese and might be hindered in the performance of his job, or the one who is physically and visually in better shape? We all know that employers aren't supposed to discriminate but we all know that it happens.
b. It is true whether you wish to admit it or not, but when you feel better from being in better health, you will perform your job better. The better you do your job, the easier it will be to get raises and promotions.

5. Going from obese to physically fit can open up doors of success for you.
a. You can write a book and tell how you did it. Some talk show may even have you as a guest on their show to tell how you did it, and you can advertise your book while there.
b. You might be able to become a personal trainer, coach, or mentor for physical fitness.

So I hope you will find this information truthful, practical, and realize that in addition to being healthier, losing weight has many financial benefits as well. So make plans today to lose all that excess weight! As always, seek the advice of a personal physician prior to making any changes in your diet or exercise plan.

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