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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Follow the Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss Results

Many men and women begin practicing the vegetarian diet for different reasons. Sometimes a person makes the person preference to avoid eating meat because of ethics. They simply object to the way that animals are treated. Other times, it is to prevent illnesses, such as diabetes and osteoporosis. Yet, one of the most common reasons that folks become vegetarians is to practice a vivid diet for weight loss.

To begin, it is pretty easy to get skinny by eliminating meat from your daily diet. Not only can you lose weight relatively quickly with the vegetarian diet, you can actually keep it off. Studies show that the average vegetarian dieter stays slim for 7 years longer than any short-lived fad diet.

By getting rid of all meat from your diet, you will add plenty of color to your snacks and meals. Rather than brown colored beef, poultry and fish, you can cover your plate with multiple colors. Red, purple, orange, yellow and green produce is filled with photochemicals that help to boost your immune system. Multiple illnesses and diseases can be prevented, as well as fought off with the rich colors of fruits and veggies.

You will also clean out your system. Just think about all of the nasty pollutants, preservatives and pesticides that get mixed into meat products that you will be sparing your body from. Farmed animals are given steroids. Fish are also known for having lots of carcinogens, as well as heavy metals, like lead, mercury and arsenic. Merely freezing or cooking the fish won't get rid of these unwanted additions to your diet. By practicing the vegetarian diet, you are allowing yourself to detox, getting rid of nasty pollutants, without relying on any medications whatsoever.

Vegetarians also help protect Mother Earth. The farming of animals, such as pigs and cows, creates plenty of waste and air pollution. Just think of how much manure is created by a single farm when they over-feed their animals. The waste is one of the biggest pollutants in our nation, as well as the rest of the world. Farm animals' urine is full of ammonia gases. They also release plenty of methane gas, contributing to global warming. Farms use loads of pesticides that have loads of toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, farmers' machinery for feeding the creatures releases plenty of exhaust into our air.

At the same time, refusing to eat meat makes a big political statement. Your diet can allow you to protest the way millions of animals are raised and slaughtered for financial gain. Many folks find it rewarding to consume a meal that was created without harming a single living creature.

Last but not least, research shows that bones grow stronger from the vegetarian diet for weight loss. By the time a vegetarian is in his or her sixties, the percentage of bone loss can be cut in half. Doctors contribute these results to meat-eaters consuming too much protein that disrupts the body's absorption and preservation of calcium. Proteins from animal sources, such as milk, take calcium away from bones. You can be much better off if you get your protein from vegetables, such as broccoli. In other words, giving up meat can lead to quick weight loss.

Since reaching my forties, I have grown extremely overweight. I began to fear for my health. When I asked my doctor how to lose weight fast, I was surprised by his answers. Along with powerful HCG Injections to slim down, he suggested that I try a vegetarian diet to see quick weight loss results. That certainly sounds easy enough. Thanks Doc!

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