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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Four Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat can become a frustrating battle. If you have been through every diet and exercise you could think of trying to eliminate the tires surrounding your midsection, I know what you are going through. Recently I have been seeing results and have learned some crucial tips to lose belly fat from my trainer and other experts in the field.

Tip # 1

The first tip to lose belly fat is more of a "what not to do" tip. Do not do tons of crunches day after day or try to only target fat loss in your belly. Crunches are a waste of time if you do them on a daily basis and only target that one area. It will do nothing for you except weaken your abdominal muscles in the long run. It is never a good idea to concentrate on one problem area on your body and the belly is no omission. So the first tip to lose belly fat is to forget what you have learned about stomach exercises.

Tip # 2

Pay attention to what you consume. Of course we all know nutrition is a huge factor that decides how our body will not only function, but look. Making sure to eat nutrient packed foods can change the way you feel, look, and move and is number two on tips to lose belly fat. Foods like cakes and cookies will only pack the fat around your organs causing belly fat to hold on for as long as you eat these things. When you start eating foods that contribute to the digestive process you will see changes. Diets high in fiber and low in fat and sugar will help to get things moving along.

Tip # 3

Provide hydration to that amazing body of yours. Make sure to drink plenty of water, at least 8 cups a day to partner with the fiber and other nutrient crammed foods that will move things along. After a couple weeks of increasing your water intake during your daily activities you will start to feel better because you will be flushing not only toxins down the drain, but helping your body process foods rather than wrapping fat around your organs causing those rolls we all despise so much to stay.

Tip # 4

Find a great exercise routine. Once you have discovered the healthy eating habits that will work best for you, the last step to removing that fat around the abs and the last tip to lose belly fat is to not only search for an exercise routine that works for YOU, but to also find one that will get rid of the fat. Look into high intensity cardio, which is most effective when trying to build a faster metabolism and create a sculpted body. Try to get at least 20 minutes a day of this type of exercise and do not forget to incorporate resistant training every other day (to allow for relaxation of the muscles instead of continuous strain).

Using these tips to lose belly fat will help you along your road to become a healthier and happier you. Do not expect it to be easy however, and remember to never fall for the miracle fat busters or the magic pills that claim to make fat just roll of your body.

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