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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Free Online Calorie Counter - Plan, Analyze, and Track Your Diet

Maintaining a healthy weight, for one's life, involves understanding how the body reacts to the foods eaten. Each one of us responds differently to food: our bodies are not identical. Franz can feel energetic and focused eating a meal plan of thirty percent protein, forty five percent healthy carbs, and twenty five percent healthy fats. Hilga is not the same as Franz. She needs a more carbs and fats than I do to achieve similar results. So how can a free online calorie counter help you to know what foods are best for you?

Obviously, calories are important in the makeup of an appropriate meal. When I consult with folks on how to approach healthy eating and meal plans, calories are discussed at the start, but once an appropriate value is determined, they don't need to count calories each day. It's more about servings of healthy proteins, carbs, and fats. A free online calorie counter is good to help you understand the energy values that certain foods contain. It helps you to keep in mind the fact that certain foods are better choices than others. In other words, given two healthy food choices, what do you want to spend your calories on?

Most free online calorie counter programs are okay, but they usually have some promotion of a particular diet program that go along with them. But, the USDA has launched a new diet tracking program at Along with a free online calorie counter, their program called Super Tracker allows you to search and chart the foods you want information about. Right now the USDA has about eight thousand foods in the database.

In addition to the free online calorie counter section of the site, there is also a fitness section. It can help you to determine the amount of calories burned during certain exercise activities. This kind of information might be helpful in motivating you to choose one type of exercise over another. It may also help you to realize that if you make a poor food choice, you may have to walk a mile to burn it off. It still comes down to calories in versus calories out. This free online calorie counter site might be just the thing to help you stick with your New Year's resolution!

Lets look at a quick example to show you how this can help you out in your weight loss goals. Let's say I am coaching a two hundred pound sedentary adult male, one who should be at one hundred and seventy pounds to have a healthy BMI. If he ate twenty six hundred calories a day, he would maintain that current weight. If he ate twenty one hundred calories a day, and exercised for thirty minutes, five days a week, he would lose a pound or two a week until the weight was gone.

Simple, right? The trick is to know how to put together healthy meal plans that have the proper nutrient make up for your body type, knowing what your body type is, and what exercise will be the most effective for you. Ah, that is where a little professional advise can save you some much time and effort!

Franz and Hilga are very passionate about healthy eating habits! They have been where most people are these days: choosing processed foods and ignoring all the healthy foods that should be eaten. One day, reality set in! Feeling tired all the time, being overweight, and just disgusted with how they looked and felt, they made a change. Franz studied how food and exercise affect the body, got a nutrition certification, and he has never looked back. For ten years now he has talked healthy nutrition habits to anyone that will listen.

Living full time in their RV gives them the opportunity to interact with people all over the country. They created a website to share knowledge in not only RVing, but also on optimal nutrition for better health and permanent weight loss.

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