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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Get Faster Weight Loss Results With A Kettlebell Workout

For more than a century, fitness experts have been using kettlebells to help develop strong core muscles and promote faster weight loss. But since they're not a high-tech, flashy, colorful piece of exercise equipment, they've pretty much stayed out of the limelight. Until now, that is. If you're tired of working out for hours every day and seeing no results, then read on to learn more about why kettlebells are a great way to speed up weight loss.

What are kettlebells?

First of all, you might also see these referred to as 'kettleballs' and that's fine. It's the same thing. Kettlebells are weights made out of cast iron. Now that might seem a little scary but don't worry. They come in different weights, just like dumbbells.

Kettlebells are shaped like balls and they're flat on the bottom with a handle on top. So when you look at them they look sort of like a bell.

The reason they're becoming so popular is because they can be used to replace many other pieces of exercise equipment, including dumbbells, bands, bars, and medicine balls. And because of the way they're made, you get a much better workout that nets much quicker weight loss results.

How do kettlebells work?

You can start by comparing a kettlebell to a dumbbell. When you lift it over your head or perform other exercises it works your muscles. And any time you work your muscles you're helping to burn fat.

The difference is, the handle on the kettlebell allows it to move with gravity while you're working out, so you engage more muscles each time you do an exercise. Instead of just working your arm muscle, you're also involving your core muscles to help you stay balanced and firm.

What are the benefits of a kettlebell workout?

A workout with kettlebells is much more intense than a workout with any other type of equipment, simply because you're involving more muscles. Because you're working more muscles, and you're working them harder, you're also increasing your metabolism and burning more fat, faster.

One of the big benefits is that you don't necessarily have to work out as long as you do with other exercise equipment. Instead of spending 2 hours a day rotating through the machines and an aerobics class, you can cut your exercise time in half and still see results.

Make no mistake. While your weight loss will be faster, you're definitely going to get a work out. This is a serious solution for people who are serious about losing weight. Before you just dive into a kettlebell workout, consult with a trainer or take a beginner's class at your gym. And don't worry. You're going to love the quick weight loss results.

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