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Monday, May 28, 2012

Hoodia Side Effects - What They're Not Telling You

As a bodybuilder, or just someone who wants to shed fat, you've probably heard of Hoodia before and of the fabled Hoodia side effects. And if not, I'll explain.

Hoodia is a plant from South Africa that supposedly quells the appetite and helps you lose weight and fat, but does it work?

Well, yeah, it does. It stops you feeling hungry and that's brilliant. No need to eat as much. Less calories means faster weight loss, giving you more visible muscles. Maybe even allowing you to have a six pack to be proud of.

Unfortunately, not eating is one of the worst things you can do to shed fat and get ripped. And that's for more than one reason. So, for me, the worst of the Hoodia side effects is that it:

at best doesn't do what I'm expecting it toand at worst, has the opposite effect

First of all, you need energy to work out. Those muscles aren't going to build themselves. Going without food for hours and hours before a workout is a disaster. Not only will it prevent you from working out to the best of your ability but the ensuing pain and exhaustion may well affect your motivation levels and make your exercise plan lose a bit of its sparkle.

So, you get up in the morning and you want to kick start your metabolism. So what do you do? Many people eat some carbs, get some caffeine, amongst other things. But missing breakfast? Bad news. You don't need a slow metabolism when you're trying to lose weight.

You're much better off with something like whey protein for a supplement. At least you know that's going to have a positive effect.

Now it's true to say that people who eat less generally weigh less, but look at all the top athletes in the world. How many of them are super skinny? Not many. Long distance runners maybe. And not many of us have goals that include 'get really skinny and hungry looking'

If you take Hoodia and it ruins your appetite then how are you going to get all the sustenance that your body needs? How will you get the vitamins and minerals that are so important for overall health? Multi-Vitamins? Hmm. Just eat some salad.

The other downside of Hoodia is that it hasn't been certified to actually do what it's claimed. The manufacturers of products containing Hoodia will say that it suppresses appetite and so will the people who use it, but I'll be honest. I wouldn't use it unless it was certified safe and useful. I really take issue with chemicals that I don't know are safe.

Your best bet is to not worry about appetite suppressants and use the age old method of losing weight that is infallible and has worked for as long as people have been overweight. Burn off more than you consume. Oversimplified sure, but it works. Eat less and move more. The more time you spend with gimmicks and unproven methods and supplements, the less time you'll have to be carrying out what actually gives great results. The Hoodia side effects are just not worth it.

Everyone needs to eat well, so check out my page on Bodybuilding Nutrition for a rundown of how easy that is. More information, hints and workout plans on my bodybuilding site.

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