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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hot Bodies Revealed

I have finally worked it out been through so many programs out there and got to thinking combine them all together like a jigsaw and there will be one or two missing pieces that people need help with and hey presto we have the program that will bring you your hot body revealed. At the end of the day all our bodies are made up of the same thing we have just treated it differently and therefore say everybody is different! Now we can say and create what we want just by tweaking a few things or maybe a lot of things depending on how you have been living and treating your body.

In this article I will share with you some hints and tips on being able to reveal your hot body once and for all.

First thing is I want to discuss is emotions and it is the number one killer for following any program. Whenever you are feeling a certain emotion eg. tired, frustrated, angry, bored, nervous they are generally negative emotions and we seem to tie these negative emotions to food! Then the cycle begins eat healthy, then eat high fat food get fat, adapt to this and continue on around we go. A great method to apply when about to eat something that is high in calories is to simply say 'stop' and ask yourself what emotion am I feeling at this moment in time, then experience the emotion and let it pass and then say your motto eg. I am 59kgs, fit, healthy & toned. By doing this you will not think about eating the calories and be distracted to carry on with something else.

The next tip I would like to share is the types of qualities that are important to use in achieving your hot body revealed and that is being disciplined, consistent, follow the guidelines will ensure your success. Also mixing it up to challenge your body with exercise and also with the food giving yourself and allowing you to have a free day. This entitles the body to not guess what is coming and be altered to have to work overtime to work off what you have put in.

Lastly if you have a goal of what you would like to achieve as your hot body then it is important to ask yourself if you have been there before and if so this is ok, then if not as long as it is achievable in the healthy range then your body does have a set weight point which you can go past as long as you work at it and apply the qualities you will achieve it.

To sum up in achieving your hot body revealed its important to understand your emotions so you don't allow them to guide you, apply your new qualities and finally ensure your goal is within reach.

To your success.. go for it!

Pamela Sheedy is a Health Mentor and is the owner of Health Breakaway a health training pathway to health and fitness. She is also an affiliate for the fat burning furnace product. Visit her website at to purchase an instant downloadable copy of the fat burning furnace product to get started today with a 60 DAY Fat Loss - 100% money back guarantee!

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