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Saturday, May 26, 2012

How Much More Will It Cost to Eat More Healthy?

People are often blocked from eating more healthy because they are worried that it will cost them a lot more. This is not only untrue but something that is promoted by junk food industries to make you feel worse about trying to improve your diet. In this article I will try to give you some ideas on healthy foods that you can eat that won't cause you an arm or a leg. The one thing you need to remember and consider is that eating right doesn't mean everything you eat will be super tasty. Sometimes you have to just take one for the team and chow down on something that doesn't taste like ice cream

First off lets talk about what does cost you a lot that you can cut out and save yourself some money. Soda is one item that is in no way healthy for you and actually costs a lot. If you figure on drinking one can of pop a day that's around 2 twelve packs a month. Most twelve packs are four dollars which will cost you about eight dollars a month. You may say hey that's not so much but in reality if you add this kind of cost to all of the junk food you are eating like chips and candy it actually will add up quite a bit.

Now what about the healthy foods? Well we all know that the best way to eat healthy is to have lots of fruits, grains and veggies. What I would recommend is to try and find foods that will trick yourself into thinking you are eating junk food. I for instance like to take frozen strawberries and mix them in a blender with milk. At first it is a little tart but after a few times it tastes like a wonderful fruit smoothie and the best part is that it is only strawberries and milk. A bag of frozen strawberries from Costco is around $9 and can last you a whole month. Hence the same price as soda but much healthier.

You can do this exercise with anything that you like. Try replacing items in your diet with healthier alternatives and you will begin to realize that sometimes you can actually save money by making these changes that were once thought to be expensive. Good luck on your weight loss goals and remember that nothing worthwhile was every easy at first.

Joseph Stevenson is MPH Drops consultant and HCG Diet guru.

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