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Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Get Thin - Choose the Best Foods

Have you battled the issue of how to get thin lately or perhaps for your whole life? Did you make another New Year's resolution to learn how to get thin, and already fail miserably? If you are like I was, you get really tired of hearing all the weight loss guru's proclaiming losing weight is easy if you follow their plan. Horse puckey! Learning how to get thin, and stay that way, can be one of the hardest things to do. But it is achievable if a sensible approach is taken.

Actually, the weight loss industry is helping to keep people obese. This time of year it's really bad with all the diet infomercials, weight loss gadgets, special pre-packaged foods, gym memberships, and the latest and greatest diet discovery. Is all this stuff working? No! Americans are the fattest they have ever been. Just go into any Wal-Mart in the country and observe the national epidemic: obesity! Wal-Mart is the most depressing place to go into if you are a fit person.

If these people were interested in how to get thin, I could make a fortune just telling them what I am going to share with you here! But, I don't think they are interested in good health or nutrition at all. I can tell by looking in their shopping cart. If good health was on their mind they would not be buying the foods that they choose. And because they choose those foods, that is why they are obese! Do yourself a favor: while shopping, if you see an overweight person, observe what they have in their cart, and don't eat those foods. That's how they got that way!

Now of course if you do happen to see some live foods in their cart: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, they may be making a change, and that's a good thing! But if they buy food that comes in a box, is a pre-packaged meal, has ingredients you can't identify, then those are the foods to avoid!

Worst of all, the diet industry supports these kinds of foods. Hey, if we could lose weight by eating all these pre-packaged chemistry sets, and keep it off forever, the diet industry would exist no more. If how to get thin involved eating Nutrisystem for twelve weeks, and voila, the weight was gone forever, then the diet industry would not need you anymore. But, it does not work like that. Giving you pre-packaged processed foods in a controlled portion size will not teach an obese person how to eat correctly for the rest of their life!

Yes, learning how to get thin involves a lot of hard work, some will power, and just a few simple techniques. It requires that you spending nothing on any diet foods, gadgets, potions, or pills. It just takes a little research to learn how to eat properly for the rest of your life. I am sure you have heard it before, and guess what; you are going to hear it again. Until you learn to eat whole foods that are from nature; unprocessed and full of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to actually lose weight healthfully, you will never permanently join the ranks of being fit!

Hey, I have been there! I have pictures of before and after the time that I discovered eating healthfully and exercising regularly. It was a learning process that took time, but I have kept healthy for ten years. I could never eat the kid of foods I used to. Do you want to know why? Because once you know what processed foods do to your body, you won't want to eat them ever again! So, if you want to learn how to get thin, just do what I did! Eat the right foods!

Franz and Hilga are very passionate about healthy eating habits! They have been where most people are these days: choosing processed foods and ignoring all the healthy foods that should be eaten. One day, reality set in! Feeling tired all the time, being overweight, and just disgusted with how they looked and felt, they made a change. Franz studied how food and exercise affect the body, got a nutrition certification, and he has never looked back. For ten years now he has talked healthy nutrition habits to anyone that will listen.

Living full time in their RV gives them the opportunity to interact with people all over the country. They created a website to share knowledge in not only RVing, but also on optimal nutrition for better health and permanent weight loss.

Visit for articles, pictures, and all kinds of useful information.

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