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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How To Win The Fat Loss Battle!

Most of us will be composing a list of our New Year Resolutions! What is the number one resolution each and every year? You probably guessed that it is weight loss and getting in shape!!! We all have our priorities and we really try to follow them in our day to day life. Some of us want to quit smoking which is not only expensive but definitely degenerative to our health. A lot of people 'myself included' need to lose weight. We've all listed our resolutions, but for some reason our motives and priorities go buy buy.

My main focus will be about weight loss and what can be done about it. All of us realize that weight loss is a major concern, and is or can be a major problem. In fact being overweight can bring on major problems like cardiovascular disease and diabetes just to name a couple concerns we all have about our health.

So the big question that comes to mind is just how or what can we do to help solve this huge concern of weight control? Most of us have tried and gone to great lengths to eliminate fat from our bodies. You've tried the soup diet, cabbage diet, weight watchers, atkins, nutri system, and the grapefruit diet just to name a few. Now some may have shown results in our battle to lose weight, only to put even more back on so we have a tendency to just throw up our hands and give up. You realize this sounds familiar?

What then is the solution to this huge weight loss situation? One of the most important points is not to give up! Lot's of us become couch potatoes, very little if any exercise and of course we tend to eat too much. We drink sodas, eat sweets and desserts just to mention a few bad habits. These problems of bad habits and self controls are very difficult to overcome.

Most of us have friends and neighbors and in my case a friend of mine mentioned to me that he had been introduced to a simple fat loss system that really works. I'd not seen Tom for quite some time and I actually had a hard time recognizing him. Turns out he's lost 47 pounds just since September 2011. Tom mentioned one thing this fat loss system has done is he no longer has to worry about diabetes. He was borderline diabetic so it had been one of his top concerns.

On December 29, 2011 I've started the same plan and have lost weight plus I notice more energy and improvement in the way I feel.

My system is so very simple with great results! My morning starts with a very tasty shake that I add some fruit and Almond Milk. If and when I feel hungry I enjoy a Slender Pop that eliminates that hunger pain. The Slender Pop's ingredients promote fat loss through your elimination system. My evening meal is usually a small salad, a choice of meat like chicken, fish, turkey or even steak 6 ounce portion, half a baked potato with Cottage Cheese. I also either take a walk with my dog or do at least 30 minutes on my Treadmill.

What I'm doing is posting frequent results on my blog with before and after pictures. I'd like you to join me as I post my results. You will definitely want to check out my strategy to losing weight!

Freddie Smith resides in Reno, Nv with his wife and is retired from the railroad. We enjoy the area, our home and the internet. Please take a moment to check out our blog. Please go here!

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