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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In What Way Is Belly Dance Good For Your Health?

#1. This exercise program loses size and inches from the body by building good fitness.

A: You can isolate individual areas of muscle by tightening the muscle and improving muscle tone, which causes you to lose inches and sizes. This also increases metabolism, which speeds weight loss.

B: This exercise doesn't use momentum but uses separate the movement of each area to make each muscle work on its own. This improves balance and produces good muscle control.

C: It is easy to decide on the areas that need more work and design your own exercise programs and time use. This allows you to concentrate on the muscle area that needs the most improvement. This will change as the different areas are worked.

#2. You improve your heart health with low stress exercise over time.

A: The workout is low impact and can improve the health or your heart without the stress of high impact programs.

B: The routine movements can be slow in the beginning and can be done with increased speed as you learn the movements and increase your muscle strength.

#3. Lose weight at your own pace at home.

A: The lessons ore available online and can be accessed at any time day or night using your computer or another device with Internet access.

B: You are in the safety of your own home while learning. There is no need to join a gym, pay dues for use of a building or to travel to another place.

C: No one else will be standing there directing your progress and you do not have to worry about keeping up with the class.

D: The dress code is your own choice. There is no requirement to buy special clothing for the lessons.

E: There will be on instructors telling you what exercises to you need to do and no class environment to dictate what is needed.

#4. There is no need to purchase special machinery or equipment. The space you require is enough space to dance and that is in your home, on your patio, or even your backyard.

In summery being able to set your own schedule for exercise makes it easier to fit into your daily routine and set your own goals. It can be adjusted to your need or level of work you desire. You decide and that keeps your goal in reach. In addition dancing to health is much more fun than the old style sit ups or exercise machines

This article is written by Karen Gail McLain.

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