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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Introverts And Weight Loss

Your personality definitely effects the way you program your weight loss regimen. As a Introvert I know that we are heavy overthinkers, which on occasion leads us to over eating from time to time. We research exactly how were going to approach our diet and exercise, and EXPECT a certain result. If that result doesn't pan out the way we want it, we tend to drift off and lose focus of our goals.

-Which is why In this article I will uncover some secrets that help specifically introverts "Attain" their fitness goals...

Going Solo:

Introverts are not usually the aerobic class type. We prefer to track our results on our own, we like reading articles and blogs to become more equipped as we chase our weight loss goals. So, that's where will start.... Look into online diets or online diet tracking services to keep you on track and knowledgeable of your results. Websites like "My Pyramid Plan", gives you access to tons of weightloss tools to track your progress and to track your diet. Another great tool is a simple journal, where you can take advantage of recording your gains and losses. (Journals that reflect your daily fitness actions can be very motivating)

Prepackaged Living:

If you like to be right and can't stand when something is out place, then you need to "prepack your fitness". Take away the excuses of having to cook and prepare each meal that pertains to your diet and get already made meals, snack bars, and easy access foods to munch on daily. Keep your gym time consistent, preferably in the morning so you don't have to worry about feeling tired and unmotivated to train after work.

Add Some Energy Into Your Diet:

Eat green vegetables, supplement on vitamin B, and drink plenty of green tea. All of these are energy boosters for people who are naturally known to have lower energy levels. The increase energy levels will lower your cortisol levels and assist in making better decisions throughout the term of your diet.

Get Some Variety:

We love results even if their small and that's why variety in your diet and workout regimen is the best for you. Variety keeps your body guessing, which leads to continuous weight loss. Our bodies will often hit a plateau and sticking to a diet and gym regimen will get harder, yet when you lead with variety in your diet and training, you get tremendous results. I recommend the "Zone Diet" and "Crossfit" because both the diet and training concept keep you guessing daily.

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