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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lose Weight Fast With The Calorie Shifting Diet

Like me, you may have been frustrated in your efforts to try to lose weight fast for whatever reason. I've tried starving myself many times in the past to try to shed those annoying 5 pounds, but somehow or the other most of the diets that I've tried simply did not work. In fact, I ended up gaining weight after all was said and done. Have you ever wondered why that is the case? Until I understood the proper principles of dieting and weight loss, I struggled to achieve any success with my efforts to lose weight fast. It was only after I discovered the calorie shifting diet that it all began to make sense to me.

Why You Can't Lose Weight Fast With The Traditional Dieting Practices

Most people fail to lose weight fast, and even end up gaining weight at the end of the day when they practice the traditional dieting methods of starving themselves. When you starve yourself to lose weight, you will see immediate results, but the results will drastically drop off as well after a week or so. This is because your body will notice the change in your eating habits, and taper off your metabolism to match it. As a result, you will be starved and miserable, yet you won't be losing any weight at all. And when you inevitably slip back into your old eating habits, then you will put on all the lost weight and then some with a vengeance.

The reason the calorie shifting diet is so effective for people who want to lose weight fast is that it tricks your body into actually burning more fat instead of less, by accelerating your metabolism. You can do this by controlling your food intake, increasing the frequency of your meals and doing a few little things that make a big difference. First of all, in this diet, you will be eating 4 meals a day instead of the regular 3, and you will be eating them at certain specific intervals for maximum effectiveness. Rather than stuffing yourself with 3 meals, you will eat until you have just had enough with 4. You only eat certain specific foods, depending on the day and the menu for the day. And you only do this for 11 days, and then give yourself a break for 3 days to eat anything you want.

Of course, to really lose weight fast, you should combine the calorie shifting diet with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle too!

To find out more about the secrets of the calorie shifting diet to help you to lose weight fast, including a sample plan, you should check out my blog.

I managed to lose weight fast using this diet, and you can too!

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