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Friday, May 25, 2012

Master Cleanse Secrets Review In Depth

To become familiar with Master Cleanse Secrets, we have to discover its origins. It all started with a man called Stanley Burrows who lived from 1903 to 1991. He began life in New York, grew up in Detroit. In the 1930's he landed in Portland, Oregon. At first he was interested in the lumber industry there, but, he soon felt intrigued with alternative health treatments.

Not only is he renowned for his Master Cleanser diet, he was also a true vegetarian, practiced health massage and reflexology, and light therapy. In the 1940's, he started instructing in Portland about his thoughts on improved health and as they say, the rest is history. One thing to note about Stanley Burrows is that he lived to an advanced age, obviously taking his own advice.

Now we arrive in our current time and meet the author and publisher of the Master Cleanse Secrets Guide, Raelen Sterling.

He has a different story to tell. Brought up by a busy working single mom, he ate fast food at least once a day, accompanied by soda and salty chips. He was exceedingly overweight as a kid, in fact, obese. His doctor advised him to adopt a weight loss diet immediately, because he was in danger of death before attaining the age of 40.

Unhappily, the diet was soon abandoned, and by the time Raelen reached age 19, he was 100 pounds overweight. His resolve to lose weight then was not health but wanting a girlfriend, but that's what we would expect at that age!

His first blunder was taking on a crash diet of only 600 calories a day, which left him starving, sleeping poorly and light headed. He did lose fat fast but felt weak and had no energy. Then he went to a 2,500 calorie a day diet, which should have worked well, but because of starving himself earlier, he had depressed his metabolism and so put on weight.

He learned a very important lesson; going to the extreme with dieting is not healthy or effective!

Ultimately, he devised a healthy dietary and exercise plan suitable for his daily life. Then he became fascinated by the ideas of Stanley Burroughs and his work Master Cleanser. He did his research and now supports many individuals in how to give themselves a healthy detox and a kick start to superior eating routines.
So, what is Raelen Sterling offering with his Master Cleanse Secrets Guide? In reality, a great deal of value!

Lots of information on the origin of the Cleansewho benefitswhy and how it worksinstructions on how to implement the planthe ingredients of the Master Cleanseanswers to frequently asked questions

The principle is, if you are not efficiently digesting and eliminating, it allows toxic matter and chemicals to remain in your body. Eradicate these toxins and you can experience relief from recurring health problems, your skin looks improved, you will feel enlivened, and you will lose some weight.

You can utilize the Master Cleanse for 3-10 days and it actually performs like a fast. It's recommended you repeat it a few times during the year, but of course, you can use it to completely fit your personal lifestyle.

What are the Master Cleanse Ingredients? - The lemonade drink

Pure filtered waterGrade B Organic Maple SyrupOrganic Cayenne Pepper (spices up the taste, stimulates digestive tract lining, and is rich in Vitamins B and C)Organic lemonsUnrefined Sea SaltOrganic herbal teas and laxative teas as extras.

You are instructed to drink 60 ounces of the prepared lemonade drink on every day of your Master Cleanse.

Water is clearly an important component of the cleanse so drinking and using filtered water is a very important part of the Master Cleanse. In most countries, chlorine is added to our water to kill off viruses and bacteria. This has become a very debatable point as to whether we should receive chlorine in our daily diet.

Furthermore, there is always a threat of farm run-off and chemicals from corporate waste getting into our water supply. There is no point going through a fast detox and drinking water that may well just put toxins straight back into your body as quickly as you eliminate them!

While you are working through your body detoxification, your body will use the energy it generally uses breaking down and digesting food to cleanse itself.

Master Cleanse is a long time and tested detoxification to enhance the efficiency of your liver, colon and digestive system with the bonus of better skin, higher energy and weight loss.

It truly has met the test of time since Stanley Burrows created it last century, and I am certain it will continue to be a beneficial tool we can use to enhance our health throughout this century. Simple and natural is best!

I am Ann Patterson. Wouldn't you love to restore your energy and well-being quicker than you might think? Master Cleanse Secrets lets you take charge of your health. Imagine how good you will feel once you complete a Fast Detox! And download your free copy of my eBook, "A Curious History Of Detoxification " here.

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