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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Safe and Natural Way to Lose and Control Your Weight

There is only one thing separating you from good health and the weight loss you desire... Lies. If you are tired of the bull diet pill companies are proclaiming and wasted investments in diet systems that don't work, listen to these simple truths. Weight loss programs that don't work with the body's natural balance and chemistry will always fail you.

Consider, firstly, diet programs that encourage you to starve yourself are not realistic and pose more of a threat to your weight loss goal and finances than would appear. Why, you may ask: The body has an instinctive weight resistant reaction to any attempts to "starve it out". When the body realizes that it is receiving less nutrition, it simply slows your metabolism down and retains weight. Diet Pill companies try to trick the body's natural weight resistance by doping their pills with caffeine or peppers, these can present health problems. (Simple Fact 1.) So, eat three balanced meals as you should: it has been scientifically proven that the body metabolizes faster when we eat properly.

Consider, secondly, fat burning systems that promote excessive exercise also work against the body's ability to lose weight by adding stress. Stress, be it physical or mental, are well known components that cause the body to resist weight loss. (Simple fact 2.) Find an exercise routine that fits your schedule and life style and stick with it. I know a 90 year old grandma that lives on a hill: any where she walks around the house, she must climb steps. I ask her one day how she maintains good weight and physical strength to go up and down steps all day long. She told me that she has a simple exercise that she executes each morning: she said, "I don't wear myself out with it, I do just enough to wake my muscles".

Consider, next, any fat burning program or weight loss system that doesn't incorporate a detox in its ingredients will eventually fail you and cost you time, money, and more frustration. It is scientifically proven that pollutants in the blood prevent cells from releasing fats as they should: the free radicals or pollutants hinder the cells and cause them to retain fatty tissue. (Simple fact 3.) When selecting a weight loss supplement, make sure it is natural and organic and includes a detox ie green tea.

Consider, finally, some weight loss supplements and diet pills contain ingredients that are unsafe and have not been tested over time to be safe or effective. Some ingredients are bad for the heart and have known side effects. (Simple fact 4.) Choose a weight loss supplement with ingredients that are heart healthy, naturally safe, with no side effects: choose one that is known by the indigenous, as well as, the scientific community to be safe and effective in maintaining healthy weight.

In a "Nut Shell" Remember These:
1. Eat Right: Don't skip meal.
2. Exercise Sensibly and Regularly
3. Include a Detoxifier in your diet or Weight Loss Supplement
4. Choose a Diet or Weight Loss Supplement that is Heart Healthy with no Side Effects

I am a engineering student/electrician gone back to the farm from which I came originally. After several illnesses, I became concerned about the quality of food we were eating and its ingredients: I've been told since childhood, "You are what you eat". Now, cultivating a healthy life, I share the knowledge gained from Scientists, Doctors, Herbalists, Holistics, and the Bible.
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