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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Successful Weight Loss - Free Report

Successful weight loss is a not only a combination of healthy eating, exercise and willpower, it's about information and knowledge.

Knowledge that some carbohydrates are good for you and some are not; for example, white flour based products like white bread converts to sugar. So, while you may have taken just one tea spoonful of (white) sugar and a little milk (full fat) in your cereal and wonder why you are gaining weight or not losing any, know that that toast that you had with white bread with a healthy dose of butter along with the type of milk, cereal and sugar you chose converted to sugar within you which equals increased fat. However, if you chose brown or whole meal bread for that piece of toast, and low fat milk for your cereal and chose healthy cereals like high fibre low salt and sugar types, you would have better results.

I could not stand wholemeal or brown bread when I was much younger and skinnier, but have realised that it is good for me because it won't turn to fat and really does taste good!

Wholemeal, wholegrain, low fat products are all good for you as they as slow releasing - they fill you up for longer and keep your energy levels up.

Understanding the difference between saturated fat (bad fat) and unsaturated fat ('good' fat) can make all the difference between weight gain and weight loss.

'A high intake of fat of all types, but particularly saturated fat, can increase the amount of cholesterol produced in your liver, and so the amount in your blood.

A high level of cholesterol in your blood is associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease.

What is cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a type of fat that is essential in small amounts for cells in your body (e.g. brain cells). It is only found in foods of animal origin, for example liver, egg yolk and shellfish. Cholesterol is carried around the body in the blood by substances called lipoproteins (for example low density lipoprotein, LDL, and high density lipoprotein, HDL).

The lipoproteins also contain other types of fat. LDL is also called "bad cholesterol" because high levels of LDL in the blood lead to fat accumulating in and narrowing the vessel walls.
HDL is called "good cholesterol" because it retrieves cholesterol from body tissues and helps to transfer it to the liver for disposal.

The major sources of saturated fat in the UK diet include:

• cooking fats and spreads (e.g. butter, margarine, lard),
• fatty meats and meat products, such as red meat and poultry skin,
• full fat milk, cheese and other dairy products,
• chips,
• biscuits, cakes & pastries, and
• sweets and chocolate.'(1)

Therefore, the knowledge that the type of food we eat and not necessarily the quantity of food eaten causes unnecessary weight gain would help in successful weight loss and help prevent the risk of a stroke or coronary.

Try introducing organic products into your diet today for increased health benefits.

One other important thing to note is that your ideal weight is dependent on your sex, age, and height. Understanding your bone structure or body frame is vital to accepting the weight that you should be i.e. a 35 year old female of 5'6" should range in weight from 118lbs to 155lbs this recommendation is based on a Body Mass Index (BMI) range of 19-25. Consequently, a woman who is big boned should not aim for a weight that is more suited to a smaller or medium framed person and vice versa.

Personally, I would say that the risk of heart attack and /or stroke is a great motivator in my weight loss/maintenance program so I am much more conscious of what I eat.

Written by Joyce Austin for Improve Weight Loss

(1) Cholesterol information taken from

Since starting Improve Weight Loss Joyce Austin has helped a whole range of people gain access to weight loss information in a way that is accessible for all by providing well sourced information for free at your finger tips. With a full range of healthy weight loss products listed on her website many people are achieving their dream of healthy and permanent weight loss. If you or a loved one wants to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight please visit the website for free Improve Weight Loss reports and access to information and resources that will assist you. For more visit

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