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Friday, May 4, 2012

Top 18 Quick Tips And Tricks To Lose Stomach Fat In A Month Or Less

There is no rule stating that you have to starve yourself, spend 2 hours on the treadmill, and pop some dangerous diet pills in order to lose stomach fat in a month... or less. There is also no rule stating that getting in shape has to be a nightmare... to say the least! If you want to flatten your stomach, improve your health, and drop those stubborn pounds easily and STRESS FREE, then read on for 18 quick and easy tips to get amazing results starting this second...

1.) Consume at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of fresh filtered water each day. The more water you drink, the more your body get's rid of water weight, decreases bloating, builds muscle, keeps your digestive system healthy, and increases your metabolism.

2.) Eliminate any type of sugary beverage (soda, juices, excess sugar and creamers in coffee or tea, etc.).

3.) Do a light fitness routine (without getting your heart rate up too much) FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! Doing this will burn off stored fat. If you do too high of intensity with your workout before eating anything, then you run the risk of losing muscle tissue.

4.) Take a chromium supplement to help with fat loss.

5.) Take a green tea extra supplement to burn fat quicker and increase your metabolism.

6.) Make sure the bulk of the nutrients you get during the day is protein. Protein builds muscle, increases your metabolic rate, keeps you full, and so much more!

7.) NEVER completely eliminate carbs. Instead, make sure that you get a moderate amount of good carbs (fiber) each day, and decrease as much as possible bad carbs (sugar, white flour, processed foods).

8.) NEVER completely eliminate fats. What I recommend you do is ensure that you get healthy fat (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and avoid as much as possible saturated fat, and eliminate trans fat ENTIRELY.

9.) DO NOT starve yourself. Doing so will only cause your metabolism to slow down... and that leads to MAINTAINING body fat instead of burning it off.

10.) Pay more attention to building lean muscle than doing cardio. With building muscle, your body will burn off calories during the workout... AND... after you're finished the workout! This is because resistance training boosts your metabolism AND your resting metabolic rate.

11.) With resistance training, I recommend that you focus more on compound movements vs. isolation exercises. Compound movements (doing workouts that incorporate more than one body part... such as squats or dead lifts) burn off a TON of calories and will boost your metabolism. Isolation exercises (bicep curls for example) are okay (especially AFTER you get in shape), but you get way more better (and complete) results with compound exercises.

12.) Step away from the diet pills!

13.) Ab exercises tone and strengthen your ab muscles and core. They do not... and I mean DO NOT... remove stomach fat!

14.) The best type of cardio to do to get rid of excess body fat is short duration high intensity workouts. The reason why is for several reasons, but some of the most significant reasons is because higher intensity workouts (such as H.I.I.T or sprinting to name a couple) burns off a ton of calories WITHOUT causing you to lose muscle tissue... and this type of workout increases your metabolism.

15.) Eat breakfast. And make sure it is high in protein and complex carbs... not sugary carbs! Otherwise you run the risk of having strong carb cravings later in the day. Also, skipping breakfast slows your metabolism down and will make your performance with fitness poor.

16.) I don't care how redundant or basic the following tip is, it is more than worth repeating a million times more: GO TO SLEEP! If you knew the full benefits of what will happen to your body positively (with weight loss, fat loss, energy, mental health, and even more), then you would stop reading this article and go to sleep right now... even if you are at work or school (lol)!

17.) If you can't get access to a gym, then don't worry about it! You can get an AMAZING workout at home without equipment simply by doing body weight routines. Some of the best channels on that I highly recommend are sixpackshortcuts, insanehomefatloss, zuzkalight, and charliejames1975. All of those channels have awesome at-home routines you can do with no equipment or very little equipment.

18.) Eat 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day to boost your metabolism, keep your digestive system happy and active, to make muscle development efficient, and to stop feeling those strong hunger pangs!

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