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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Top 5 Benefits Of Going On A Natural Diet Vs A Fad Diet (Get The Body You Deserve!)

With there being so many diets to choose from these days, many people are more confused than ever with which diet is actually going work. Are you in the same boat? If you are, then today's article is just for you! To help clear up which type of diet is best to go on, I'm going to share with you the top 5 benefits I have found with going on a natural diet program versus a fad diet program!

Benefit #1 - Easier To Do...

When you go natural, you'll find diets like this are much easier to do in comparison to a fad diet. For example, a fad diet will have you completely restrict carbs. Doing something like that is not only unhealthy... but is also very difficult to stick to. If you go on a natural diet, you eat ALL types of nutrients... including carbs (the healthy kind of course).

Benefit #2 - No Side Effects...

Unnatural dieting will cause enough side-effects to fill up an encyclopedia! Okay, maybe not that much, but it's still certainly A LOT! Just to name a few, you can end up with digestive problems (which one of the culprits of this is what I just mentioned above... and that would be completely restricting carbs), a slow metabolism (which is the most popular side-effect of fad diets), and stronger cravings (and this is due to severely depriving yourself or starving yourself)!

On the other hand, natural dieting has NO side-effects... and that's because, well, it's natural! You are doing things that your body responds to (such as eating all types of nutrients, eating smaller meals throughout the day, and never depriving yourself).

Benefit #3 - Affordable...

Fad diets not only are ineffective, they also cost a ton of money... GO FIGURE! Last time I checked, you pay more for something that is more effective, right? Well, that certainly is not the case in the world of diets! As weird as this may seem, the natural and more effective diets actually cost WAY less than ineffective fad diets!

For example, some fad diets can cost as much as 100 bucks A MONTH... while the best natural diets cost 40-60 bucks ONCE?!

Benefit #4 - Better Results...

When you go on a fad diet, sometimes you may actually get results. But rest assure, those results are more than likely going to be where you have lost pounds of MUSCLE... not fat. This in turn causes you to have loose skin... which can look just as bad as having excess body fat. Not to mention, unnaturally losing weight will almost guarantee that the weight you have lost... will come right back on (I'll talk more about this in a second).

When you go on a natural diet, you don't just lose weight, you look more toned (because you burn off pounds of FAT... and not muscle), your skin looks healthier, your hair is healthier, your teeth are healthier, and so much more!

Benefit #5 - Permanent Results...

You can certainly count on yo-yo weight loss if you go on an unnatural diet program! This is because those types of diets are designed to JUST get you to lose pounds for a certain amount of time. Natural diets are based around not just getting you to lose pounds of fat, but to also make it easier for you to STAY living healthy FOR LIFE. In other words, natural dieting is not necessarily "dieting" in a sense, but more of a lifestyle change. Furthermore, because you are giving your body what it wants and doing what it wants, whatever results you gain... are permanent!

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