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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weight Loss Plans - The Way to Turn Your Plans Into Reality

There is a common obstacle that derails our weight loss plans before we even have a chance to get started. The inability to change your behavior from unhealthy eating habits to healthy eating habits is not only a challenge, but it can seem like an impossible obstacle to overcome. Any of us can change our behavior for a short period of time such as a day or two, but how do you change your behavior long-term so you can not only lose weight, but keep the weight off? Experts often say: "make it a lifestyle change", right? Doesn't that seem sort of vague to you?

I thought it was vague too, so in my quest to successfully lose 80 pounds, I started digging for answers to this question. I wanted not to just hear "what to" but "How to" do this. Here is what I've found that has worked for me. I truly hope you can grasp the essence of what I am saying so that you can have the same ability to succeed with your weight loss plans too.

You have to understand the difference between a diet (something that you are doing or going "on") and something that your are doing that is not just what you do, but who you are. For example:

Something you Do (Old Way That Fails Often)

"I'm on a diet or I'm on the ____ diet."

Who You Are (New Way That More Often Works)

"My name is Michael Steen and I am a person who seeks out nutritious food each day. I eat for fuel, to live, not live to eat. I gain pleasure from being healthy and watching the scale move down to my healthy weight and stay there. I am an avid exerciser and purposefully walk, jog, (name your activity) each day. This is my way of being. It is who I am, not simply what I do. Being this way leads to better health and a longer life and I feel great."

This is life changing if you can catch the vision of the difference that I am illustrating here. Replace Michael Steen in the above paragraph with your name and favorite activities. Say it out loud and see how it feels. Don't you feel more empowered and in control, yes? That's because from this mind-set, you are empowered and you are in control, not the food. If it is who you are, you are not "on" something (temporary). Have you ever heard people say: "He/She fell off the wagon" when it comes to dieting? If you are not "on" a wagon in the first place, you can't fall off! If it is who you are, there is no wagon to fall off of. Do you see what I mean here?

Write out that affirmative "who you are" statement above, personalize it, and say it out loud. Now, after you've said it, realize you truly have the power to make this who you are, right here, right now.

It is your reality if you see this as who you are. Incorporate your weight loss plans into who you are and consciously make this your reality. You truly have the power right now to change your circumstances long-term by doing this. Use this formula combined with a healthy weight loss meal plan and claim this on a personal level and get the positive results you want. Good luck!

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