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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

4 Easy Steps to Lose Weight Fast

Let's start with a clear statement: the desire to lose weight fast is not considered to be useful for the body! It can cause some health problems, such as heart disease, disbolism, hormonal deficiency, bulimia etc. So, of course, it is better if weight loss is achieved by small steps. However, if you have no time, you can use extreme diets, such as starvation, elimination of some foods, mono dieting and others. Keep in mind following steps and tips to get a desirable body shape in a week.

Basic rules that will help you lose weight:
Do not eat after 6 p.m.;Limiting fats vary the dietary intake;Regularly consume cultured milk foods;Replace refined sugar with fresh fruits;Do not overeat farinaceous food (such as cakes, pastry, sponges, tarts etc.);Say 'No' to sedentary life.

Step 1. Extreme Diet
This case of a diet is called "extreme", because it may solve your weight problem in a twinkle of an eye! Indeed, you will get rid of the hateful weight, but you should remember that rapid effect can be lost very quickly. You may put some extra weight afterwards, unless you keep yourself in shape, stop overeating and control your own meals by other means. Moreover, if you eat less than 1 000 calories a day, you will be tired and disappointed with the effect, as you will lose your organism water, not fat. Organism will fight against starvation and try to take some useful elements out from the body, what can have a really bad influence on your state of health. Therefore, the best way is to eat 1 000-1 500 calories and be sure that you will be slim like a model in a month!

Step 2. Do Sport Everyday
The diet itself is good, but the diet plus sport is the best way for you to lose pounds quickly. As a matter of fact, extra muscle tissue can help you burn more calories than fat reserves. So you can add 150-200 calories burned while walking, talking and sleeping to your calories-spent-per-day list, if you start exercising after you have read this sentence.

Step 3. Support your Body with Vitamins
It would be nice if you support your body, survived the stress of a diet, with special vitamin complexes that contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. We have agreed that you promised yourself to follow your own weight accurately!

Step 4. Small Victories
By the way, a very useful tool for controlling weight gain are scales. It is desirable to place them beside the bed, so they always jump to your eye, or in the kitchen near the refrigerator to turn you off from eating more. In any case, scales are not a decorative element of the interior, so do not forget to weight yourself.

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