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Thursday, June 21, 2012

5 Exercise Ideas To Help You Lose The Thunder In Your Lower Body

So... you're losing weight and have taken a critical assessment of your body. If you're female, the chances are, you've been critical of your thighs, hips and glutes because they remind you of the terms, "thunder thighs," "saddle bags," and "lard butt." You can't pick and choose where body fat will be burned first, but you can control which muscle groups you want to strengthen first.

Available exercise and fitness routines are endless for your thigh, hip and glutes (butt muscles). Variations that move your leg in the direction of your chest, behind your body, out to the side, or any movements that rotate your leg in the hip socket are great for these areas. Don't worry... I'm going to give you some ideas and some examples. You'll surely find a few you can do; and some, might even be fun.

Let's begin with belly dancing. Have you ever watched a performance? If not, grab an old movie or head over to YouTube. Focus on their leg and hip movements. A 20 to 30 minute belly dancing session can improve your flexibility, is low impact and strengthens your thighs, hip and buttocks. If you find you enjoy belly dancing, take some lessons. You'll discover that it's great for the rest of your body too!

Do you have an old hula hoop lying around? If not, you can still buy one fairly cheap. Hula hoops are wonderful for all of your body and do a fantastic job of strengthening the hips and butt and for toning the thighs.

Does the prone position sound enticing? Then try this exercise which you can do lying on your stomach or back (one position might be more comfortable for you than the other). Lie on your stomach or back. Lift one leg about 12 to 16 inches from the floor. Slowly move your leg out to the side and hold for a count of two. Slowly center your leg and bring it down to the floor. As you become stronger, increase the challenge by adding a resistance band to your ankles.

Most people have heard of the squat. You don't have to use weight to begin seeing the difference in your buttocks, thigh and hip muscles. The squat is simple to perform, but if you have balance issues, stand with one hand lightly touching a chair and the other hand out in front of you. Place both feet shoulder distance apart. Look straight ahead and keep your chest lifted. Drop your hips and bend the knees. Stop at the point where your buttocks are even with your thighs (parallel). It's important that your knees remain over the ankles and not your toes. As you become stronger you can vary this exercise by doing what is known as a travelling kick squat. You slowly kick one foot across the front of your body and return it to position, and do a squat. Alternate left and right as you go.

And finally, you can perform side jumps. This exercise is not difficult but the impact may be too much if you have bad knees. If this is the case, you can modify the exercise by doing a slide hop instead of a jump. You begin in a standing position. Raise your left foot and jump to your left. When you land, your right foot should be slightly bent. Repeat for the right side.

I hope this article has given you some good ideas and helps to get you on the road to firming and strengthening your thigh, hip and glutes (butt muscles).

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