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Sunday, June 24, 2012

About Body Fat

So is it correct that fat cells last forever? Effectively, in a sense, yes. But don't panic because you are able to still lose fat if you stick to your eating program.

The way it works is this. We are born with a specific amount of fat-cells and as we grow, our bodies develop a lot more. This includes if we put on a whole lot of weight.

Even so, the number of fat-cells doesn't reduce. When the number reaches a particular level, it stays there. So no matter how much weight we lose, we still have precisely the exact number of these type of cells.

What about liposuction? This really is a surgical process that removes fat cells from the physique. For the moment, it does mean that we have fewer fat cells. But the body rapidly produces many more to replace these, until it really is back to its own 'set point'.

The excellent news is the fact that even though we cannot lower the amount of those particular cells in the body, we are able to cut down the size of each and every one.

This is how it works.

If we eat, the digestive system converts your food into storable power in the form of glucose (from carbohydrates and proteins) and fats. The glucose is made use of initially and the fat is stored in fat cells. If we don't consume enough to satisfy our body's requirement for energy, it'll take part of the extra fat from out of the fat cells and convert that to some kind of energy that we can use. The fat cells shrink and we slim down.

Individual bodies preserve more excess fat throughout distinctive areas. Men and post-menopausal females usually have additional visceral fat, that is stored around the organs and produces an apple-shaped physique. Pre-menopausal women preserve extra subcutaneous extra fat (beneath the skin), especially about the hips, thighs as well as breasts, giving a pear-shaped body or hour-glass figure.

Visceral fat is a lot more hazardous since it contributes to heart disease. A lot of people who appear fairly slim can nonetheless possess a significant amount of visceral fat.

So any time that you are keeping to your eating strategy but do not appear to be looking any leaner, remember that you may be losing visceral fat. This is an important and vital step on your road to a much better body.

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