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Friday, June 15, 2012

Bariatric Meal Replacement - Lose Weight Easily

Whether they come in the form of shakes or bars, bariatric meal replacement options can allow to skip breakfast, lunch, or a snack while still getting the nutrients and calories you need to function. Of course, while dieting is the usual reason why someone would implement these into their menu, that isn't the total of their usefulness. Below are some instances in which you can use these convenient options.

Bariatric Meal Replacement

With most programs, the prescribed way to use these shakes or bars is in place of one or two meals a day. For instance, you might drink a shake for breakfast, have a bar for lunch, and then eat a sensible dinner. In some programs, you're advised to replace only breakfast or lunch, while others recommend replacing both. In some cases, you may choose to substitute a real lunch for your bar after you've already lost some weight. Even those in the medical weight loss community have come around to determine that the healthiest versions of this plan can be a successful way to drop pounds.


Instead of driving through McDonald's when you're in a rush, bariatric meal replacement solutions offer you a way to eat fast without sacrificing the calories. If you're on a diet, you can't afford to have something off the value menu throw off your calorie needs for the day. While it's important to have some degree of flexibility in your plan, some individuals can't handle "cheating" every now and then. If you're the type of person for whom one slip up leads to a weekend binge and beyond, you're better off drinking a shake and getting on with your day.

Sugar Levels

Bariatric meal replacement solutions are sometimes useful for diabetics and others who need to keep their blood glucose levels stable. Skipping breakfast, lunch, or dinner can wreak havoc on these levels. You don't want to wind up feeling shaky and nervous for three hours because you couldn't get in front of a microwave. If you have shakes and bars stashed at work, you can have a quick, effective option that will allow your body to stay stable and centered.

Of course, those who need to worry about sugar intake should choose their shakes and bars carefully. Some are better in this respect than others. In the end, you need to choose the option that will best benefit your health and your unique situation.

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