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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Does African Mango Extract Have Side Effects? Yes and No

One of the biggest problems faced when using diet supplements that claim to help you lose weight are their side effects. Of course, many of them don't do anything at all to help you lose weight, and then contain additional side effects that surface after you have started using the diet pills. This is why it is always preferable to use diet pills like the African mango extract which contain a natural ingredient as their primary ingredient. These are almost always likely to cause less unwanted effects, and that holds true in this case.

Use of some diet supplements such as Phen-fen or Ephedra have led severe complications and even death, and both since been banned by the FDA. People are more skeptical about the benefits of diet pills these days, and this is certainly not a bad thing. We should be skeptical.

African Mango diet pills do cause some side effects though, there are reports of headaches and sleep issues after starting on the pills. Some of these supplements such as African Mango Plus contain caffeine which probably go a long way to explaining the sleep disturbances.

The problem with many of these diet supplements is the fact that none of these seek to address the core issue. The core issue for obesity problems is often the fact that the appetite continues to be excessive for these people even though they have taken this medication. So, they tend to continue eating more and more and this basically neutralizes what the medication tries to do.

Even if some of the diet pills control the appetite, they do it in an artificial manner which is the reason for some of these unwanted consequences. Diet pills like fen-phen have severe side effects and in some cases, even death.

Typical side effects of some of the stronger, prescription medications such include high blood pressure, glaucoma, palpitations etc.

Compared to this, African mango diet pills have little or none. Several clinical trials have been carried out on humans and animals as well and these have shown that the African mango extract is highly effective in working with the digestive system to act as an appetite suppressant through increasing the production of the hormones leptin and adiponectin, which alter the brain signals indicating when we are full so it's tricked into thinking we are fuller than we are, so we eat less and lose weight.

Although I have read a lot of feedback, the supplement has only been around for about a year and half as of February 2012, so you may need to read many pockets of small numbers of feedback comments to get the big picture. My research has uncovered that the African Mango extract diet supplement has no record of causing any serious side effects at all.

You may wish to investigate the University of Yaoundé study in Cameron for more information. But, again, the supplement is simply too new to the market for many studies to have been carried out about it. I recommend you investigate this for yourself first, and find out what regular users of this diet supplement are saying about it and how safe it is before making any decisions.

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