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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Does the Prasouda Diet Really Work?

Prasouda Diet basics

So you've heard a friend mention the Prasouda Diet in passing, but perhaps you don't know much about what it is and how it works. This diet is rapidly becoming one of the most popular in the world, and for good reason. In fact, it's hard to call it a diet at all - it's really a "way of eating". Based on the principals learned from studying the Mediterranean people (some of the healthiest in the world), the health benefits come from many small things that when applied together have powerful results.

What's the fat loss secret of the Mediterranean people? The truth is, they naturally go through the Prasouda diet and consequently have much lower levels of obesity and in some cases cancer than folks other cultures. Perhaps the best part is that they don't even count calories and don't mind sipping on a nice glass of wine or having dessert (such as dark chocolate) from time to time.

OK, I'm ready to start. When will I see results?

Once you understand the basics of the Prasouda Diet, you'll learn that it is one of the fastest ways to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. Sure, you may drop pounds speedier (at least based on the scale) on something such as a juice fast, but that will be mostly water weight - which has absolutely nothing to do with getting you a flat belly or any other lasting health benefits.

You can expect to see and feel real changes within 3 days of starting your new style of Mediterranean eating.. Within 7 days you will likely realize that your pants are beginning to fit differently. After Four weeks the majority of people will have come a considerable ways on their lifelong transformation.

This all sounds great, but just how much weight will I lose?

The specific number of pounds you are likely to lose on the Prasouda Diet is dependent upon quite a few factors. Those with the most total weight loss usually begin with more overweight as opposed to those who lose fewer pounds in total. Don't just rely on the scale to measure your results, though. Your image in the mirror, how your clothes fit, how you feel, as well as your cholesterol along with other health indicators are significantly more important than total pounds lost.

All that said, I have yet to meet people who have stuck to the Prasouda Diet and not lost excess weight. You will probably see the indicators stated earlier start to head in the right direction after 7 days of following the plan. If you're very obese you'll need to be patient - even with perfect diet it will take up to a year to arrive at your ideal bodyweight, but stay the course and you WILL reach your main goal. It's time to sit back and enjoy the journey, not just the end result. One of the benefits is that the Prasouda Diet starts to work at once so you are going to enjoy seeing the modifications in your body continuously.

What makes the Prasouda Diet work?

The way of eating in the Mediterranean dictates that people naturally enjoy a diet that is definitely low in bad fats and high in healthy foods such as fiber rich foods. One of the benefits is the fact that there isn't a strict plan, so that you are free to substitute foods to match your tastes. Plenty of people on the Prasouda diet eat substantial seafood (although should you not like fish that's ok) along with eggs, yogurt (mainly Greek yogurt) and various types of nuts.

These types of meals together will provide you with a diet that is high in protein, has a moderate amount of healthy carbohydrates, and that's lacking in bad fats. The USDA has revealed that these combinations are optimal for weight loss.

Will it help with diabetes?

The people who naturally follow this way of eating, including individuals that live in the Mediterranean, have much lower incidences of diabetes than individuals other countries. Carrying excess fat is among the biggest factors in type 2 diabetes, so most doctors would agree that following a Prasouda-type Diet will help prevent and control diabetes type 2 symptoms.

Even though the Prasouda Diet is very much in accordance with the American Diabetes Association's nutritional guidelines, it is recommended to consult your own doctor prior to starting any weight loss plan. This is especially valid for any with diabetes and people taking medications.

What about ease of use and money? Is it cheap?

Since this method of weight loss is made up of guidelines rather than a strict diet plan it is actually among the list of easiest diets to stick with. Should you don't like a particular food which the diet demands, simply substitute different things. This actually also offers you the opportunity to make the Prasouda Diet inexpensive enough to suit your budget.

Carly Henkel is the founder of Prasouda Diet Works. She started the site after dropping 40 lbs on the diet herself, and now provides research, recipes, and inspiration for those on an similar path. If you need to lose weight, consider stopping by the site yourself.

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