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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exercise to Lose Weight - The Best Plan Ever for Weight Loss

Losing weight has become an obsession for more than 50% of the world's adult population. Accordingly, there are literally hundreds of weight loss programs, procedures and books that are adopted by people who want to lose a few pounds all around the world. Nevertheless, most experts agree that one has to exercise to lose weight, especially if she/he wants to lose some weight in a relatively short duration? So, why do we have to exercise to lose weight?

First, we need to understand how our muscles contract. Muscles are made of protein fibers that slide over each other in a unique way to contract and perform their actions. Muscles utilize various forms of body fuels to perform their actions. Initially, they burn glycogen, which is a form of carbohydrates stored within the muscle fibers, to release energy. When the muscle's glycogen is exhausted, the muscle fibers start using fat as a source of energy for the actions performed by them.

When we exercise to lose weight, our muscles utilize the fat stored in our bodies and release energy that fuels the muscular actions we perform during exercise. A muscle usually utilizes the fat in the tissues overlying and surrounding it. For example, exercising the muscles of the abdomen leads to utilization of the fat of the tummy as a source of energy which leads to loss of some of the fat in this area. Accordingly, if you are bothered by certain areas of your body that bear a lot of fat stores, it is best to exercise to burn the fat in these areas via exercising the muscles in close proximity to them.

Even if you are on a diet, a special health supplement or even plan on doing one of those weight loss surgical procedures, exercise will sure optimize your weight loss plan and accelerate the rate of elimination of fat from your body. Exercise will also help you feel fitter, healthier and even happier. It is well known that exercise releases certain substances within your brains, which are known as endorphins that can elevate your mood and make you feel happier.

Exercise is the best way ever to lose weight. If you are looking for a healthy and rapid way to lose weight, exercise is definitely the best solution to all your problems. Engage in an appropriate exercise routine that would help you lose weight in weeks and feel even healthier and happier.

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