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Monday, June 11, 2012

Fat Loss Weight Training Explained

Fat loss weight training is the widely regarded as the most effective way to sculpt that ideal body you're dreaming about. Why you ask? The most important factor in your body's ability to burn fat is your metabolic rate, or what is commonly referred to as metabolism.

I'm sure you've heard the term flung around the gym in high school or at the office or during coverage of the Olympics. "That guy has such a fast metabolism, he's so lucky." Well I'm here to tell you, although I would argue on whether or not he is actually lucky (I personally don't believe in luck, I subscribe to the mathematical principle known as probability) the claim is valid.

Fat loss weight training programs are designed around the theory that by increasing one's strength and muscle mass through weight training, one will lose fat.

You would be surprised how many people believe that there is no correlation between the two. In fact, the majority of women that i advise on workout programs and overall fitness plans stress that they "don't want to build muscle, and get all bulky." Hopefully the principles laden throughout this article can dispel that!

The whole point is to burn as much fat as possible,and maintain results as long as possible!

Your metabolism is essential the ability of your body to utilize fat stores for energy and how efficient it is at it will determine the ease or difficulty with which you remain lean.

So where does fat loss weight training come into play? The ratio of your lean muscle mass to body fat will largely determine your metabolism, your furnace factor.

So, by adding muscle on to your frame you are essentially increasing your body's ability to tap into fat stores for energy.

Basically, your body has to utilize more energy to maintain lean muscle mass than it does fat. That is why an overweight person can workout for a long session and see little to no results initially and a lean, ripped, diced, whatever you want to call them individual can eat whatever they want and workout at an incredible cadence and see tremendous results.

So remember, don't assume that in order to engineer your ideal physique that you need to run miles upon miles, or starve yourself(that's an entirely different animal that I'll leave for later). By simply using a fat loss weight training program you can see extraordinary and compounding results!

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