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Friday, June 8, 2012

Find Out What Food Is Most Effective for Weight Loss

A survey published by Temple University, Philadelphia, USA, found that diets low in fat and carbohydrates can also be effective in the fight against excess weight. To achieve this result, the researchers divided the volunteers into two groups, one that made a diet low in fat and carbohydrates in the other. After a year of research, both groups had a median weight loss of 10 pounds. In the second year, were about 7 pounds.

Moreover, the end of the second year, both groups had reduced their rates to levels of bad cholesterol like, had experienced a reduction of triglycerides and systolic blood pressure. According to the director of the Gaucho Association of Nutrition (Agan), Jussara Maria dos Santos, however, a balanced diet can prevent the excessive consumption of two groups of nutrients without requiring them to be drastically cut from the diet.

Changing habits is the big secret to anyone who wants to eat well. At the time of purchase, for example, replace white foods by integrals. They have roughly the same calorie content, but the whole process did not go through a strong industrial and consequently are more nutritious. In addition, there are simple tricks to avoid excess fat in the diet - explains.

Follow these tips from nutritionists.

To avoid fats:


In the preparation of brown rice or parboiled, these foods provide the use of olive oil, set them up only with the use of onions or garlic.In preparing the bean: use only a small thread of olive oil, canola or soy. For seasoning use spices like marjoram and bay leaf. Never put your recipe leftover barbecue, sausage, pork or beef. Although enhance the flavor, they are quite fat and increase the concentration of this nutrient in the food.If you like using olive oil in hot, keep in mind that, from 250 ° C, it loses its medicinal properties. So if you want to highlight the flavor of food, add the product after it is about to be served. Jussara reinforces that by buying the product at the supermarket, you can not make a random choice of olive oil. The packaging should be checked three essential requirements: the product must be extra virgin, first cold pressed and pressed.


The trans fatty acids is the main culprit in this wafer health, both in the candy, and those that contain water and salt. Opt for whole-grain crackers.


When seasoning salads, vinegars quoted are apple and balsamic. In addition, small amounts of salt and doses of olive oil which is rich in Omega-3, are welcome.


Choose white meat without fat as chicken and fish.

To avoid excess carbohydrates


Stick with whole grain breads, high fiber, instead of white breads because they help digest food. According Jussara, breads with seven, 12 or 14 grains are the most suitable.


Brown rice is more appropriate for everyday feeding. However, because its preparation requires more time parboiled product is a great second option. The rice should be avoided, precisely because it is low in fiber.


Escape the ordinary masses. At the time of purchase, opt for pasta, rich in fiber, which also facilitates the proper functioning of metabolism.

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