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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Got Belly Fat Issues? Know How to Solve It!

So you too have a belly fat problem? I hate to break it to you but excessive abdominal fat has been a widespread health issue all over the world. In fact, many studies have proven that about 70% of people in the first world countries like the U.S are now overweight, if not obese. Yes you're not alone but this doesn't mean it's normal. It is a scary fact that most people do not only carry unsightly beer belly, but also the dangerous consequences of it. I'm sure you've heard that there are tons of belly fat health risks that have already been proven.

Belly Fat Problems

Eating junk from breakfast to dinner, plus a bag of potato chips and beer while watching television seems to be a harmless routine, but truth is, this everyday routine can significantly shorten your lifespan! With a recent study conducted by Mayo Clinic, it has proven that people, especially men who are suffering from belly fat issue may face a serious health risk in the future.

Moreover, did you know that belly fat is more common in men than in women? Just so you know, men store excess fat mostly in the abdominal area, while women store fat most likely in the hips and legs. Now if you're dying to get ripped abs and killing yourself doing crunches, well it won't happen unless you could first burn the excess layers of fat stored in there.

Many men aren't only tearing their hair out trying to shed off some pounds or get a trimmed abdominal area just to look cool, but also to stay fit and healthy. Let's face the fact that getting a better physique is just half the battle, and what's more important here is to shun away risks for heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and many other health issues.

Reducing Belly Fat

Know Your Enemy

Types of belly fat such as subcutaneous fat and visceral fat are both unhealthy and dodgy. However, please take note that subcutaneous fat is found just underneath the skin while visceral fat is found deeper in the abdomen which surrounds the internal organs. This only means that the latter is far more dangerous. Make sure to control visceral fat as this belly fat type releases much more toxic substances to the body than subcutaneous fat.

Do the Classic: Diet and Exercise

Old habits die hard. However, if you want a hale and hearty body then push yourself to change your current habits. Evidently, a proper diet and exercise program must top your to-do list. To stress out, you cannot merely spot-reduce or exclusively target your belly fat through abdominal exercise. This won't work. The best way is to create a daily caloric deficit by eating less and working out more.

Here's a fact for you. Insulin resistance is caused by excessive carbohydrate intake. If you want to know the culprit why most men carry a lot of visceral fat then blame your high-carb diet. Minimizing starch and sugar intake is a must-do to prevent visceral fat from accumulating in your tummy. So what about the best exercise program? There is no better way to reduce beer belly than engaging on high intensity exercises such as circuit training and interval training.

Blast your belly fat once and for all! Stop slouching on your sofa pigging out on a bucket of calorie and fat-packed chicken. Get yourself together and change your lifestyle!

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