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Friday, June 22, 2012

Here Is an Approach to Almost Never Turning Your Metabolism Off

For maximum effectiveness, different exercises should be performed at different times of the day. To match the right exercise for the right time of the day, plus adding in the proper foods based on your body clock, you will give yourself the best chance to raise your metabolism and burn fat twenty-four hours a day. Here are some thoughts on what works best morning, noon and night.

Morning. Since you don't have the strength you will have later in the day (as much as 7% less), now is the time to be working on stamina over strenuous weight sessions. Exercises like running, rowing or stationary bike maintaining a pace of about 65% of capacity will get your metabolism moving. Maintaining a constant pace will keep you from tapping out your energy reserves and can train for the complete 60 minute workout.

Also, at this point in the day try to get some sun, as the bright light will help regulate your body clock and get you ready for the day. The sun is a great source of vitamin D, which has been known to boost metabolism and lower body fat. Get a good hearty breakfast with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates, which will help you to stick to your food plan throughout the day.

Afternoon. Your strength is coming back, but not up to 100% yet, so you're not quite ready for the heavy lifting. A study found that running prior to resistance training maximized total calorie burn, so start with ten minutes of cardio training. This will be different than what you did this morning, as you will want to ramp up the intensity. After a four-minute warm-up, sprint for thirty seconds, rest for twenty seconds, and repeat seven times.

Next do your weight circuit for twelve minutes, with no more than a one minute rest between reps. You should be done and out of the gym in a half hour. You may have to make a conscious effort to keep your body active after this workout, so walk wherever you can and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even brief periods of low-intensity exercise are going to keep your metabolism elevated.

Lunch is not the time to indulge in sugars and carbohydrates. A smaller, nutritious lunch will be the ticket, and if you need a snack to see you through the afternoon, a handful of nuts will help. They're a great snack food, and they will make you want to consume water.

Evening. This is when you are at your strongest, so maximum weight training is what you should look to do. Research has found that six sets of reps with heavy weights will burn more calories after you're finished than doing twelve reps at lighter weights.

Evening might be the hardest time of the day to watch what you eat, especially if your metabolism is still running high and you are looking forward to that big dinner. And that's the time when you will feel most like having alcohol. Remember, alcohol has calories, and while your body is processing that alcohol, you're not burning fat.

As mentioned, this is a twenty-four hour project, so there is very little time to indulge. But a program such as this is going to be better than any quick-fix diet plan.

Provided you are really into an intense, no-nonsense exercise program, a diet program that we recommend that is along those same lines is the The Eat Clean Diet, which you can read more about on our website. Another interesting piece on a food that will be an important part of your diet, salmon, is Is Salmon Healthy. Rich Carroll is a writer and health advocate living in London.

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