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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A History Of Popular Diets That Worked

The Jenny Craig Diet
This diet is quite popular and a lot of people on that have found success in losing weight. The actual program was started in 1983. This diet program focuses a lot on your lifestyle and changing your relationship between food and your physical activity.

Jenny Craig is quite well known because they have released their own line of food products. These products are readily available at your local supermarket shelves. If you go to a JC dieting centre they have properly trained consultants that can provide you proper dieting advice over a private consultation. On the Jenny Craig diet you also have to come in for a weigh in which helps tremendously to keep you on track.

On the JC diet you get taught how to control your calories and portion your meals. An example, you may be allowed to eat as much is you want providing that each serve has only between 0 to 30 calories. To make it easier for you to diet you can even buy prepackaged meals labelled under the Jenny Craig name.

This diet is about teaching you how to evaluate food for its nutritional and weight loss properties. Did you know that certain fruits such as strawberries and watermelon can be very high in calories. However on the Jenny Craig diet you what taught how to portion these so that each serving his within 20 to 30 calories. This diet is very easy to follow as you can always buy readily available pre-portions snacks that help you count your calories without even thinking about it.

The Nutrisystem Diet
The Nutrisystem has been around even longer than the Jenny Craig diet. This company has been providing diet and weight loss solutions since the early 1970s. Originally they started out with their own line of liquid protein diets and just like Jenny Craig now offer portion controlled meals. By signing up to the Nutrisystem, you can have pre-portion meals sent to you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All meals on the Nutrisystem plan have been chosen specifically for their low glycaemic index. If you are on the Nutrisystem plan all you need to do is add some fresh fruits and vegetables to create a balanced daily meal plan. If you have a specific diet restriction such as being a diabetic or vegetarian, the Nutrisystem even has pre-customised menus for you.

Just like the Jenny Craig diet this diet is very popular for those that do not want to count calories. They also take the headache out of cooking your own portion controlled meals, it all gets delivered straight to your door.

Both the Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem diet are popular diets that work and can provide you with weight loss success because of their regulated diet plans and informational counselling. If you are looking to build your own diet plan that works find more advice and tips by visiting

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