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Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Much Green Tea Should You Take For Weight Loss?

Taking green tea for weight loss (or taking supplements containing extracts from the tea) is one of the fastest growing segments of the weight loss world. The sales of the tea and supplements containing its extracts are growing at an astonishingly fast pace. Why is this the new diet wonder product? It's because people who have used the product can see that it works.

In addition, there are many studies that authenticate the claims that green tea works as a fat burner. However, even though there are studies that show that it works and there are people who verify that it works, there are still questions as to what is the appropriate amount of green tea (or extract) that should be taken for weight loss purposes.

The vast majority of professional researchers believe the best results come from taking between 300mg and 700mg of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) per day. EGCG is an antioxidant found in green tea. There is about 35 mg in an average cup of tea. So, to get the maximum benefits, you will either have to drink a lot of tea or find a tea supplement that has a more concentrated dosage of EGCG.

Not only does green tea have fat burning properties, more than a decade of research has indicated that drinking it has the potential to ward off heart disease, fight cancer, lower cholesterol, prevent diabetes and even prevent (or at least delay) the onset of dementia. These studies (and more need to be done to solidify these claims) are indicating that drinking green tea may be one of the best things you can do for your body and your overall health.

This type of tea works better than other types of teas or other foods that contain similar antioxidants because its catechins (antioxidants) are so much more concentrated. The human body cannot manufacture these antioxidants and, although they work wonders on the body, the body does not absorb them well. That is why most studies indicate that you need a higher amount of EGCG than would be required if the substance was more bio-available. New products, however, are being developed and released to the public all the time.

At some point, some researcher will be able to develop a delivery system for the EGCG so that the body can make full use of the antioxidant. At that point, people will really believe that green tea (or at least the extract from it) is a miracle product. Until that time, if you are using green tea for weight loss purposes, you need to drink multiple cups a day or buy a supplement containing a concentrated form of the extract.

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