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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Lose Stomach Fat - Eating Less To Lose Weight

There is a lot of competition in the fast food industry. Food outlets are trying to get us in the door by offering super sizes and extras like more fries or larger drinks. The problem is we tend to eat all of the food in these big servings. After all, we want value for our money and getting more for our dollar makes sense. It is easy to get into the habit of eating these larger portions and then looking for the same size meals when we eat at home. Often we are eating more food then we need which means we are taking in more calories. One way to start losing stomach fat is to start eating smaller meals.

Bigger Servings Means More Fat

The basic rule is if you take in more calories that you are losing, you will get fat. We all know that. If you are doing regular vigorous exercise then you can burn it off but even this has its limit. You may not be able to work hard enough to burn those extra calories. There are plenty of stories about people who exercise but do not lose weight. This means they are eating too much or are not exercising hard enough or often enough. What works best is a combination of eating less food and doing regular, vigorous exercise.

This is particularly important if you are eating out a lot. Most fast foods are still cooked in trans fat. Trans fats have no nutritional value. They add to our stomach fat and clog up our arteries. In addition to that, if you are having those large drinks that look such good value, you are taking in a large amount of sugar, which provides no goodness and builds up your stomach fat also. All this adds up to a lot of calories that you are going to have to lose. You could be fighting a losing battle.

Start Eating Less

Take the first step to losing stomach fat by eating smaller portions. When you buy take-away, buy the smaller servings. If you cannot get the smaller servings, then leave some of the food. Do not drink all the drink or, better still, change the drink to water.

When it comes to food, start thinking smaller. Carry this through to eating at home. Some people have cut back on their food and lost weight by using smaller plates. Don't pile up your plate and don't back up for seconds. You will get used to eating less. Most of us eat more food than we need. Studies are emerging that if eat less, we will have better health and live longer.

Drop Your Calorie Intake By 20 percent

The average male takes in about 2600 calories a day and the average woman about 1900. A drop of 20% (or 1/5th) of the food you eat would be a little over 500 calories for men and 380 for women. You need to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound (2.2 kilos). That means if you could reduce your calories intake by 500 a day you would reduce you weight by one pound per week. Add exercise to that and you will reduce it more.

Start eating less to lose weight. You will lose stomach fat and improve your health. You will feel better and you should live longer.

Eating less to lose weight will help you lose stomach fat. You can find more ideas on how to lose stomach fat and be healthy by visiting William Burnell has followed a healthy lifestyle for many years and knows what you have to do to be healthy and control weight.

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