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Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to Lose Tummy Fat - 5 Fabulous Foods To Get You on the Right Track!

Belly fat burning foods are more plentiful than many realize. Often they are sitting right there under our noses. Unfortunately, they can be overlooked if they are sitting too close to the cheesecake or fried chicken in the refrigerator. These belly fat burners can be easily incorporated into any diet or increased in numbers for those already aware of their potent power to increase abdominal fat loss. Let's take a look at five fabulous foods you can use to help lose tummy fat.

Grass Fed Beef - Protein for the Masses

Grass fed beef is a food packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Much of the beef that is found in your local supermarket is fed with grain. The difference comes in when you consider the nutritional value of the beef. Grass fed beef is known for its higher levels of linoleic acid and its high quality of protein which helps to build muscle mass. Increases in muscle mass will not only help in your exercises to lose weight fast, but high quality protein will speed up your abdominal fat loss

Eggs - A Power Packed Protein Punch

Eggs have notoriously gotten a bad reputation when it comes to common notions about fat and cholesterol. Eggs, in all actuality, raise your good cholesterol and help maintain your body's proper balance of fat and cholesterol. These pocket-sized, protein packed snacks can be a powerful weapon as you focus on your abdominal fat loss.

Salmon - Your Omega 3 Source

Salmon is an excellent choice for those who are looking to lose tummy fat. The delicate fish is loaded with protein and Omega-3 amino fatty acids which work to boost your metabolism. Salmon also helps to minimize your body's production of the hormone leptin. This is a chemical that naturally reduces your metabolic rate which is counterproductive in your diet to lose belly fat.

Broccoli - Belly Burning Bunches

Because of its extraordinarily high levels of calcium, broccoli has long been regarded as an instrumental tool in the battle of the bulge. In addition, it is fiber packed and this helps you to feel fuller much faster during meals. Also an effective antioxidant and great source of folate, broccoli is a worthy addition to your belly fat burner arsenal.

Strawberries - Sweet and Satisfying

You didn't see this one coming, right? Not only are strawberries a great snack that you can dress up with chocolate and all the trimmings, but you can also dress it down with a simple sprinkle of low-calorie sweetener. Plain is also a great way to enjoy strawberries. Another plus is that the classic strawberry is a member of the negative calorie super-food group. What does it really mean when something is classified as a negative calorie food? This simply means that the body burns more calories consuming the food than the food is worth in calories. That's a great overdraft if you ask me!

This is just a short list of the many, great tasting foods available to help you in your quest to get a tone stomach. For more information on how to lose tummy fat, check out our single mom diet plan for weight loss and get the top secrets to a flat stomach fast.

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