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Friday, June 29, 2012

Medication to Lose Weight

We live in a world obsessed with quick fixes and there is nothing that symbolizes this more than our desire to pop pills as solutions. Pharmaceutical companies market pills for profit, telling us they will cure us of any ailment that we suffer from (even the ones we didn't know we had!) This is why weight loss pills have become such an en vogue trend; in a world with increasing rates of obesity and decreasing desire for self-responsibility, weight loss pills seem like the perfect way to help us lose weight. The problem is, as with all quick fixes, some weight loss pills may not work as promised. Let's discuss why this is the case in greater depth to help you stay away from pills as a solution to problems.

In this pharmaceutical and mainstream medicine dominated age, even mainstream doctors are in consensus about the fact that weight loss pills are not proven effective; if anything some have been proven to be health hazards. For example, there are some weight loss pills that have been banned in many countries due to the fact that they cause a range of health problems from dizziness to kidney stones and there have even been instances of fatalities associated with them, (although it is important to remember that this is true of many types of drugs-doctors rarely claim that any drug is 100% fool-proof).

Another major problem with diet pills is their spurious promises. Diet pills will claim that they will decrease your appetite, break down your body fat faster and build up muscles-but can all of these promises really be fulfilled? The only way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight in a safe and consistent manner is though a regular dose of healthy food and exercise. There is no quick way around this fact-it is just the truth. Diet pills lead you to believe that you can eat what you want and do as little as you want and that if you just take the pill you will have the body of Fabio or Cindy Crawford. The truth is, you won't.

The magical promises of diet pills are dangerous because they perpetuate not only the idea that everything in life can be fixed quickly, but also the idea that people do not have control over themselves and thus must take pills to get better. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only way to lose weight effectively is to build habits that facilitate a healthy lifestyle: diet, exercise, and a positive attitude fueled by positive emotions.

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Maureen Hamilton is an Integrated Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and a Demartini Method Facilitator. Maureen has previously worked in many areas of health in Australia as well as overseas. Her health background includes training in general and midwifery nursing, mental health plus other modalities. Maureen is very much involved in promoting and assisting people to obtain optimal health and is absolutely committed to helping people to stop smoking and/or lose weight naturally using Hypnosis and NLP.
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