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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Portion Control Dinnerware Can Help You Manage Your Weight

Are you frustrated with losing weight? If you're like most people who struggle to lose weight, you may have tried several diets aimed at trimming your body fat. You've seen yourself jump from one particular fad diet to another with negative results. And then, totally gave up! You told yourself pathetically, "I'm really made to eat this way."

We grow with eating habits that started in our own homes. We may have grown with healthy dietary habits but when we're depressed, stressed out or just plain tired we tend to overeat. So, it's like we go home every night and we seek solace from the food we eat at dinner time.

What Portion Control is

Dietitians counsel us on the healthy way to eat. We've been enlightened on what calories are, how they work and the food pyramid. Nevertheless, when we get back to real eating we forget everything we learned on calories and servings. And we eat with abandon. Does this sound familiar?

We should consume three healthy meals plus two snacks to be healthy. The best way to stay healthy and control our weight is simply to eat the right amounts of each food group in every meal and snacks we eat. This is portion control. It will ensure optimum functioning of our bodies. If we eat too poorly, we'll be inadequate in calories and nutrients for our bodies to function well and fight diseases. If we constantly eat too much, our bodies won't be able to burn those extra calories. In turn, they will be converted and stored as fat. This is how we become overweight!

We're regularly reminded that being overweight or obese is linked with a high risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, cancer, osteoarthritis and other degenerative diseases if we aren't suffering from them already.

Portion control complemented with regular exercise is crucial to lose unwanted pounds and to sustain your ideal weight.

Studies show that people who have mastered portion control lost unwanted pounds naturally and were able to maintain it. When you lose weight, a world of wellness awaits you. You'll dramatically reduce your health risk factors, lower your blood pressure, have more energy, increase your metabolism, improve your glucose control and have a healthier lifestyle.

This technique is difficult to master initially especially if you're used to eating as much as you'd like. Your dietician may have given you good tips but most of the time you end up guessing.

Dietitians have come up with the idea of using portion control dinnerware. This dinnerware was developed using guidelines from the American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetes Association. They are considered as tools in weight management.

Portion Control Dinnerware

This type of dinnerware consists of a dinner plate, a bowl, dessert plate, a glass and a covered dinner plate has discreet markings that serve as a guides on how much you should consume.There are many brands available in the market. Most of us think that this type of dinnerware is boring and ugly. But you'd be surprised that most are easy on the eyes. They're crafted from durable material. They're microwaveable and dishwasher safe too.

The dinner plates are artfully designed and divided into sections to remind you should put your non-starchy veggies, grains and meat or meat substitute. There wouldn't be any guess work. Simply put your food in the designated areas.

Some brands include a bowl with discreet markers for ½ cup, 1 cup and 1½ cup! You can enjoy your soups, cereals or salads. A dessert plate comes with the lot too.

The glass is an important tool. It's usually marked so you know how much you're supposed to drink. Liquid calories can upset a well-planned diet. A glass clearly marked with portions helps you handle how much calorie you take from liquids such as milk, juice and other beverages.

If you're hungry in between meals, the snack bowl can guide you on how much food you should take in. It has markings in ounces too.

There's covered plate for those determined to stick to their diet anywhere they are. You can take it with you to school, to the office or even to Thanksgiving and Christmas. This isn't to offend your family but to tell them you're dead serious in managing your weight.

Use your portion control dinnerware consistently so it becomes second nature to you. You'll be consuming the amount of calories and the right nutrients and reap the benefits of a normal weight. Consequently, you'll dramatically decrease your health risks.

This portion control business actually isn't boring, it's fun!

A B Stephens is a chemical engineer by profession. Her passion to help diabetics stems from the fact that members of her family and her husband's family are diabetics. They launched in 2007 - a one-stop shop for people who have diabetes - a lifestyle store complete with whatever a diabetic would need to live his/her life to the fullest!
Some problems of diabetics that are difficult to overcome are portion control and weight management. Precise Portions dinnerware is a user friendly portion control tool that isn't boring. In fact, apart from its leaf motif that cleverly marks portions, it's made from high grade porcelain china. You'll just have to stay inside the lines. Cool!

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