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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ripped Abs at the Office - Here Is How You Do It

Sure everyone wants to get in shape and have a body that they would be proud to show off at the beach-at a moments notice.

And what better cornerstone of a great body than ripped abs.

Yep, a chiseled, rock hard midsection sets off any body.

Trouble is that with the way society is today-we are all on the go-all the time.

So who has the opportunity to get to the gym as much as they would like.



You can get a great abdominal workout in - at your office.

For starters, if you can do it, get up and walk around-go to the bathroom if you have to.

This does not need to be a super fast walk, just something to get your blood moving a bit.

Once you feel you are ready to go, start by doing five sets of as many reps as you can handle of knee-ups off the edge of your chair.

Too many people ignore this exercise, and this is a shame, because when done in a slow and controlled manner - really flex your abs hard at the end of each rep - it works the lower abs very hard.

When these become easy, go out and buy some small medicine balls that you can keep in your office - hold one between your legs to make the exercise harder.


When you are done with these, stand up, take a deep breath and then as you empty your lungs of air-pull in your stomach as far as possible.

For best results build up to holding this "move" for a minute.

These will help you get a smaller midsection - over time - by working the deep abdominal muscles.


Up next we have wall push-ups.

Yes, wall push-ups.

Wall push-ups are simply push-ups done while standing.

The thing I want you to do with these is - focus on your abs - keep them tight.

Do not make the mistake of doing these in sloppy form.


Keep those abs tight.


When you are done with the above three exercises, simply flex your abs as hard as possible, and hold for a count.

I know flexing does not seem like much, but trust me on this, you will see the difference over time in your abs.

If you feel, because of your busy schedule that you do not have time to work your abs-think again.

Give the above office workout at try.

I know that if you do, you will be please with the results!

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