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Friday, June 15, 2012

Role of Genetics in Weight Loss and Fat Burning

An important aspect of losing weight fast is being aware that different people have different body types, and your weight loss strategy has to depend on your body type. This applies to weight gain and muscle building too. Essentially, if you want to re-shape your body in any way, and you don't choose your strategy according to your body type, you may not get the desired results, and this can lead to a lot of frustration.


Laurel and Hardy have always been a famous pair, and in the article earlier, Hardy's body type and possible weight loss strategies were identified (endomorph). Now, imagine if Laurel became overweight and lethargic. What would he need to? A person such as Laurel, characterized by a very thin body, narrow bone structure and long limbs, has an ectomorph body type. It is very rare for people with such bodies to become overweight, since they have a rapid metabolism and struggle to put on fat or even muscle. However, the good news is that if such a person does become overweight, they will find it quite easy to get slim quickly.

The Right Strategies

The naturally fast metabolism will work to an ectomorph's advantage. All that he/she will need to do in order to lose weight fast, is cut out a lot of the junk food, sugary sweets and alcohol from his/her diet, and incorporate 3-4 30-minute sessions of a cardiovascular exercise into his/her weekly routine. Additionally, ectomorph's should emphasize on exercises that will build lean muscle. If you don't have much free time with your busy lifestyle and happen to be an ectomorph, even being more active in your daily activities will yield productive results.

Gaining Weight and Building Muscle

Generally, ectomorphs are more concerned with gaining weight, especially muscle. If that is your concern, you need to de-emphasize the role of cardiovascular exercises in your fitness regime (not more than twice a week) and instead focus on short bursts of intense and heavy weight training. You will also need to have a protein-rich diet while you train, and consume more calories than you burn in a day. In other words, you will be eating a lot. The quality of your food needs to be healthy, though.


The final kind of body type is a mesomorph, and this is the most-balanced body type, somewhere between Laurel and Hardy. Consider Superman and Lara Croft as examples. Mesomorphs can consider themselves genetically blessed. They have a natural propensity towards a strong and muscular body and an athletic build. Mesomorph women will generally have an hourglass figure and plenty of lean muscle. People of this body type have a perfect frame and good posture. They have a naturally fast metabolism but can also develop their muscles easily. However, this does not mean that they don't need to look after their health. No body type will be able to handle sustained abuse.

The Right Strategy

If you are a mesomorph, you will be able to lose weight quickly if you can stay disciplined with a healthy diet and a balanced exercise regime. Your exercise routine should ideally be a combination of lean muscle building and cardiovascular exercises.

You need to bear in mind that all people are not purely one body type or another. Most people are an ectomorph-mesomorph or endomorph-mesomorph combination, with predominant characteristics from one and secondary characteristics from the other. To find out your own body type, you will need to do some research or consult a fitness trainer.

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