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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Simple Tips Will Help You Shred Body Fat

Just as a cheese grater shreds a huge chunk of cheese, many are looking for a way to shred body fat. If this is you, you may have tried slim quick diets, short term exercising routines, and cutting your calorie intake. These types of diets have short term affects and rarely keep the weight off for more than the duration of your diet. Get slim quick diets may work at first, but as soon as you finish the diet, you are back to where you started. Exercising just to lose pounds then stopping puts you right back at the weight you were, and cutting massive amounts of calories is dangerous!

With all that being said, you are probably wondering what actually works then. Well, the key to shred body fat and weight loss success is determination and dedication. If you are ready to get your body healthy and are in it for the long haul, there are a few ways you can achieve your goal:

Cut out the bad Stuff

Instead of cutting out massive quantities of your calorie intake per day, cut out all the junk from your diet. You know the stuff at the top of the food pyramid; that little tiny triangle. Yeah you know what I'm saying. Cut out the sugar, cakes, cookies, chips, and all the fattening stuff that is really affecting your body! If you want to shred body fat, shred the bag of chips.

Calorie intake is important, don't get the wrong idea. Eating three huge helpings of spaghetti is not healthy either. So, if you are over eating at each meal, then it is healthy to cut some calories. Most people need about 2000 calories a day; therefore, you should try to stay between 2000 and 2500. Cutting it down to say 500 is just not feasible and not healthy for your body.

Drink Right

Just like the junk food, if you want to shred body fat, shred the sugary drinks. Many drinks such as whipped coffee has the same amount of calories as an entire meal! Soda has half of your meal worth of calories, and juice as well. With the exception of juice, these calories are worthless to your body as they have no nutritional value. Just where do you think those calories are going? You got it straight to your fat cells. Drink water and limited amounts of juice.

Exercise Right

There is the right way and the wrong way to exercise if you want to shred body fat. For now, let's stick with the right way. Exercise every day, but don't over exert yourself. Take 15-30 minutes every morning before breakfast to exercise. This will burn those fat cells and increase your metabolism.

Getting fit means shredding those things that aren't good for you. As you shred that bad stuff, you shred the body fat. With dedication and determination, you can use these steps to lose body fat and keep it off for good.

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