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Saturday, June 2, 2012

That Tummy Fat Could Be Killing You

Most people know that excess fat is unhealthy, but that tummy fat is the most dangerous fat to be carrying around. The truth is that belly fat has been linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. It can also lead to severe depression which can complicated other health issues. In addition, those people who waist size is significant may have visceral fat, which is fat deep down that is surrounding the organs and giving them little room to perform their normal functions which may lead to all kinds of dangers and may if you don't do something about it be the death of you.

BMI And Your Health

One way of determining the amount of excess fat you are carrying around is to use a BMI (body mass Index) calculator. A BMI calculator measures the amount of fat of you are carrying around. Anything greater than 30% and you are considered obese which means you are more likely to be carrying excess tummy fat as well as fat on other parts of your body. If you are obese you are certainly not alone as obesity has become an epidemic in this and other countries. However, if you want to live a long and healthy life the only way to accomplish that is to take off that extra weight and the only way to do that is through weight loss and exercise.

Finding The Right Weight Loss Diet Plan For You

The first step in ridding yourself of that tummy fat is to find the right weight loss diet plan for you. Some people do well on a high protein low carbohydrate diet, while others need something a little more balanced. However, you should avoid those fad diets and they result in quick water loss, but, rarely if ever actually burn large amounts of fat, and more often than not the few pounds you lose will come right back on the minute the diet ends.

The best thing you can do is to choose a diet that you can remain on by changing your eating habits and lifestyle. This means you want a healthy diet that contains low fat, low sodium, and lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and leans meats. This will give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs to become healthy but, help you to reduce your calorie intake so that weight will come off.

The Only Way To Lose Tummy Fat Is Lose Overall Fat

Some people kill themselves doing crunches and other exercises that target the stomach area thinking that if they do this they will lose that tummy fat. While these exercises will help you to tone those stomach muscles and give you a better body shape as you lose that fat, the only real way to burn off that stomach fat is to burn off your fat in general. You simply cannot burn on fat in selected areas, your body doesn't work that way.

In order to maintain a healthy diet you need to spend some time finding diet recipes that look appetizing, taste good, and have a low calorie count. Surprisingly there are many low calorie recipes out there that are actually better tasting than higher calorie choices.

Finding a good weight loss diet and sticking to it will help increase your health. It will lower your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol and leave you feeling and looking better than you ever though possible.

My name is Jeff Conklin and I have been researching weight loss principles for 15 years. I have helped many people lose weight, feel better, and healthier.

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