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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Three Simple Tips to Lose 3 Pounds a Week

Did you know that you can actually lose 3 pounds a week by just following a specific 3-regimen formula? Well, believe it or not but indeed it's true and has been tested and shown in a number of real users' testimonials, studies and surveys. Let's discover how to implement it in your daily life.

Regimen to lose 3 pounds a week

Well, here's a simple and easy-to-use "triple regimen" that will not only help you lose 3 pounds a week but will also enable you to maintain it afterwards as well.

Remember, there's no point in losing weight in the first place if you are about to get it all back in the next few months or so. Therefore, weight loss experts and obesity specialists have attributed the following salient features to any idea weight loss goal:

1- Weight reduction should be progressive

2- Weight reduction should be permanent

3- Weight reduction should be maintainable

The triple regimen to lose 3 pounds a week or even more simply consists of the following three factors:

i) By performing an intense workout schedule

ii) By following a recommended diet

iii) By using anyone of the recommended natural weight loss pills

Let's discuss each of these, one by one:

1: Perform an intense workout schedule

Choose any fat blasting workout of your choice such as swimming, brisk walking, running, jogging, cycling, doing cardio on treadmill etc., While you do have full freedom and flexibility in choosing any of your favorite workouts, you do need to remember that you will need to perform it for at least 30 to 50 minutes a day. Also, you should do it before having a breakfast or evening dinner. You should perform it only daily basis, for seven days a week to get the maximum results.

2: Follow a recommended diet

There are several proven and much-talked-about diet plans that could easily help you lose 3 pounds a week or even more. All you need is proper guidance and motivation on how to utilize any of those diet plans. Some examples of such diet plans or programs include Diabetes diet, Mediterranean diet, South Beach diet, Cabbage soup diet, One-week-diet and other famous diets. However, you must chose your menu wisely and carefully to get the maximum effect of these diets. Above all, it must be based on your lifestyle, dietary habits and workout schedule.

3: Use a safe and recommended weight loss supplement

With literally hundreds of weight loss supplements, drinks or even patches available in the diet market, finding the best suitable supplement that is not only effective and safe but also affordable is never an easy task. Therefore, utmost importance should be given to the criteria of choosing the recommended weight reduction pill or supplement. Fortunately, there are quite a few good, recommended supplements or diet pills that can efficiently help you lose 3 pounds a week or even more.

Finally, don't forget that any diet plan or fitness workout would not work until and unless you are determined and motivated enough to achieve your fitness goals. With strong will power, great motivational skills and a committed deadline, you can confidently try the above recommended hints and tips to lose 3 pounds a week.

Dr. Ikram Abidi is medical doctor, writer & researcher based in Canada and has dedicated himself fully to the fields of weight loss, fitness, diet & nutrition. With this intimate knowledge and expertise, he loves to provide online weight loss help to the people throughout their weight loss journey at

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